Penelope’s Diary – First entry

Penelope’s Diary


Dear diary,

Today is my favorite day of the year. It is the one night of the year when all of our family comes to visit; from all corners of the world. My auntie gave me you so I can write about my life, dreams and special experiences. I say that because not everyone can see and do what we can. She is a witch and has placed a spell on this journal so only I can write in it and only those who can understand the old ways can read it. So, I will try to write a page a day, as that is another rule Auntie said before she gave you to me. I need to learn and practice magical words, and writing them down will help me remember them. I have a bunch of magical relatives, my grandma, my grandpa, my mama, my dad, my brother, my auntie, and my cousins. As well as quite a few I can’t remember at the moment. So, for the next year, I will focus on writing about anything and everything that happens that is different from the regular experiences that every average American family does. This night’s party was the same as it was every year, people arrived at different times, using various ways to get here. My favorite was the emerging from the swamp that my uncle and his two sons favored, how they came out with dry suits I can’t guess. In the great hall, everyone gathered as gifts were given. My Auntie who loves to showboat (her word) gave a long loving speech about how it was time I was made aware of how much magic there is in the world. And what better way then to write about it in my own words? A few family members nodded in agreement while some laughed or said “Yes!” Being the entertainer that she is, she glanced around at the gathering and waited for the idea to sink in before continuing. “So I have brought forth a journal that I personally oversaw the creation so that it’s magical integrity would remain. It is protected by a spell so that only she can write in it.” She looked for my brother, and pointed at him; “No matter how much she whines that she can’t write, you can not help her with this.” He smiled and nodded, because he often got that lecture about my homework. “And” she continued, “I also have a reading protection spell that only those who follow the old ways can understand what is written here.” Leaning towards me and said in a stage whisper, “that way if any non-magical people read it, they won’t understand the words written on these pages.” She slowly walked down to where I stood and handed my you in a gentle manner, being sure I had a flat hand to grasp the weight of you. The purple scarf wrapped around you is now draped across the top of my mirror.

After that, we all watched as everyone else got one gift from someone else, it varied every year, I am too young to bring a gift so I am not sure how it works.

As most of the gifts were magical, once it was given to someone, no one else really was allowed to touch it, to avoid rubbing their own energy onto the object. I guess the objects needed to meet and absorb the energy of their new owner. At least that’s what my brother Tomas says.

After the gift giving was the time for food and eats, which is always yummy and fun seeing the competition between everyone as to which food dish was best. I liked the sweet caramel potatoes the best this year. Though the apple fritter was a close second.

Then the best part of the evening, when the grandfathers would share a story from the old ones. I am not sure how old the old ones really are, I just know that I like the drum and firelight that surround the words spoken by first one grandfather than the next without a break in between. I wonder if they practice, they won’t tell me and I can’t ask, it would be rude. Tonight’s tale told of the beginnings of when our people gave up wandering for food and following the animals to staying in one place to grow our food, each animal had to give it’s blessing to our people and each did with a special rule we were to follow which is why we have so many that we follow now.

Of course, it was hard to keep my eyes open, I missed the end of the story. I awoke to dad pulling my blanket over me. He pointed to you and a pen that rested near you. So I am now trying to write what I can remember before I fall asleep again.

Good Night Diary.


A Knightly Encounter

Greetings All,

The next book in the Sara Series will be soon available.  Sara travels through time to meet her great great… granduncle Tristam an English knight, who with the assistance of his fellow warriors throughout the ages explain the masculine perspective and life of a warrior and societal rank within a variety of cultures.  Shallah appears in this novel as well.  A brief introduction…

A Knightly Encounter

As they stood there and faced one another, it was as if all of the years that had passed between the life of the knight and the current life of Sara faded like the dews from a jewelweed. She shivered in the cool breeze that blew through the forest that surrounded them. She had no idea how they had gotten to where they were, nor did she want to leave. She felt drawn to him; he looked at her through clear eyes, the color indiscernible, in the gathering mist.

“Do you know why you are here?”

“No, I can’t really recall thinking of this before falling asleep.”

The young man’s face took on an expression of mild amusement. Sarah felt a little annoyed; she didn’t like being laughed at a fact that she was sure to point out.

“What is so funny?”

“You, your thoughts race, it is amazing that you are able to stand without falling from the whirlwind that dances through your thoughts, they rush out of your conscience like a herd of wild horses, forever running not bothering to stop unless absolutely necessary.”

Feeling perturbed by his mocking manners, Sarah frowned, “what was she dreaming this for anyway?”

Turning to the Shaded Knight, she spoke. “Why have you brought me here?”

“So that you may understand a part of yourself that you have denied exists.”

This was all sounding too familiar, “Did Shallah send you?”


“Shallah, you know, an aged Native American woman, who wears brightly colored shawls and speaks in Cryptic tones.” She placed her hands on her hips for emphasis.

The knight shook his head slowly, and sighed. He had been trained to tolerate and respect any woman that he interacted with, as was the code of chivalry, though he had lost his patience with several of the women that he had known, this one was going to be a challenge, this he could tell. She reminded him of a young woman that he had met in a small village called Wrentham, in the year 1542. She had the same hair color, though her eyes were dark, and she stood a few inches taller than Sarah.

He wondered what had happened to her, her name was Megan. With that thought, there was a shuffle in the brush behind him, he turned hand on his sword, half drawing the blade, and saw the face of the woman he had just envisioned.

“Greetings Tristan,” her eyes flickered with amusement. She suppressed the burst of laughter that threatened to escape. They looked at each other for a long moment, years of memories flared within each individual’s memory.

Her voice the dry caress of a dead branch against a frosted winter windowpane, “who is your little friend?”

“Her name is Sarah, and she is here to learn a few lessons about the herself. Perhaps if I have the chance I will inform you.” Aloud. In his mind, he whispered to her, “and of mankind, and perhaps to understand why Mankind has the need to fight. The parasitic nature that is mankind, forcing its dominance over all living and non-living it comes in to contact with.”

Now, you know, I don’t believe the words Man and Kind should be placed near each other let alone formed into one word.” She thought back.

Feeling a little awkward at the extended silence, Sarah cleared her throat. The two spirits turned to her as one, as if just remembering she was standing before them. Sarah blinked, the woman who stood before her, was tall and strong, she looked as if she had fought a few battles herself. Turning towards Sarah, she raised her hand in greeting.

“Hello dear, I am Megan, it looks like we were both sent here to help you understand an aspect of yourself, and an aspect of humans that for whatever reason you are ready to comprehend.” I will let Tristan explain, for he is the leader of this expedition.”

First of all, I want you to think about how you feel about aggression. How you deal with Anger, and what forces within you can maintain that energy.”

Following A Crow

Greetings All,

This novel is the first in the Sara series wherein a young woman spends a weekend talking and meditating with various women of variant cultures and ages.  It is in within each experience that Sara learns of how a female identifies and coexists in the modern world, while still listening and responding to their own spiritual drum.

Reviews for this novel are as follows:

“Wow! This is great!”

“I like how each of the characters came away with a life lesson.”

“So, when is book two coming out?”

“I see a part of Sara in all of us.”

“The beginning felt slow, but then I realized it was the calm before the storm.”

“Big fan of Shallah, keep bringing her back to the stories.”

This book can be found and purchased at the following links:

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Visions Within My Mind

Greetings All,

Visions within my mind are stories, poems, song lyrics of the macabre, horror and of a spiritual nature.

The reviews regarding this collection are as follows:

A page-turner, emo and amazing!

I can’t believe I read it all in one sitting, I definitely need to reread it again!

Can you write more… PLEASE!

I was excited to see excerpts from Knightshade Manor in there… it shows the continuance of the two books.

You can find and purchase this book at the following links…

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Knightshade Manor Book I

Greetings All,

I have written and published some of the files from the Afterlife Institution entitled Knightshade Manor. Within this book you will find the stories you know and love of Raven, Aaron, Dena and Simon Knightshade.  As well as the other caretakers who reside within the Manor and maintain the illusion of a grand hotel of yesteryear for those insane spirits who chose to spend their afterlife reliving their delusions. To find and purchase these items please choose from one of the following links…

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As well as the following locations:

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Coquille Valley Museum
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Clara & Marie – Introduction 2016

Clara & Marie

Siamese twins of Asian descent who are euphemistically joined at the hip; and are beautiful, because they have differing views they are an undeniable asset to the Manor. Their expertise lies in the interpretation of the deaths of children, their investigation includes the events leading to their deaths as well as the illusions they withhold after death. Their diagnosis is contingent on their observations as to whether the children are ready to move on, or if desired to await their killers to exact their vengeance upon them.

In fact, these Siamese twins share a section of their abdomen and a few of their internal organs, allowing them to live but unable to be separated. In life, they had lived into their twenties and had gained education and training in counseling. They are a unique team as one questions the guest, as the other observes and listens.

Clara is more assertive while Marie is more introverted. They are both beautiful with a slight variance of feature that is not immediately apparent.

Faux pas on life was the agreement to a surgery of separation; one suffered excessive abdominal hemorrhaging and died before her sister who then just waited an hour to die. This story can be found in Knightshade Manor in a discussion between Dena and Aaron.

Afterlife Institution occupation began after they arrived at Browning Memorial Hospital. After convalescing for a month’s duration, surrounded by Marions who looked like their loved ones, did Claire notice that there was something odd about the staff. Being the observant one, she decided to try to prove her theory, she had seen a reptilian tail sticking out of the white lab coat of one of the hematology technicians. That story is shared in Browning Memorial Hospital.

As for their family, in life, their father and mother were poor who celebrated their birth as a blessing in many forms, as people came to see them; they paid money to view this oddity in their village. Some visitors came from many miles to catch a glimpse of these blessed children. As the years went by, several medicine people came, who taught them the ways of psychology, medicine, and healing. The influx of elders were based on the assumption that they would not be alive for a long time.

Their interests are varied, as they have very different personalities. The one agreed upon interest is determining individuals motives and their actions as a result of those motivations. Their variable personalities often led them to arguing with one another. And not being able to get away from each other or physically hurt each other they developed an elaborate system of insults.

They appear in Knightshade Manor as needed, often when there is the arrival of many children at a time.

They work out of Kerringer Castle, where most of their wards are housed. This is where their formal office is located.

In Browning Memorial Hospital wherein a portion of their patients can be located, they work out of a shared office space, a less-formal environment than in Kerringer Castle.

Howard Place, is where they often engaged guests in the lobby to ascertain where the guests needed to be redirected and to which afterlife institution.

Paranormal Palace is where they chose to live, as the environment and guests seemed most comfortable to them .

In conclusion, their life had prepared them for their afterlife. They had no real intention of moving from their current station.

Caroline Browning – Introduction 2016


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Caroline Browning

Stepmother of Aaron and has returned from a long duration of fieldwork, as she is the most human looking of all of the Knightshades, she chose to be the first point of contact for many, quite similar to the reason for using Jessica, the look of death didn’t appear as easily as it does on the others of the Knightshade family. Her blonde hair, and milky white skin, and eyes of violet, entranced all who came into contact with her.

Having been married to Simon a few centuries earlier, she had taken on the role of the matriarch of the current generation of Knightshades. She is close to Alfred as he is the manager of her hospital and she trusts him implicitly as to who shall work and reside within her facility. The various staff members who work within the hospital are quite fond of her as she is genuinely concerned and easily approachable in regards to hospital issues.

During the course of her lifetime, she had been an administrator and had managed several successful organizations and facilities a few of which were hospitals and universities. It is with this background that when the afterlife institutions function were decided upon, she opted for a medical facility and preferably a teaching hospital. She spent several months deciding on the design and chose the flexibility of which the Manor is capable, adapting to the current needs of the patients and hospital staff.

During her lifetime, she has been a wife, hostess and mother to her children. As she was the matron of a large household, she spent every waking moment preparing for guests, and parties to support the Knightshade reputation. As well as volunteered on several community boards and administration staffs so that she could learn to run any corporation, which proved lucrative in her after-life.

Her after-life occupation began once she left Howard Place, she was nominated to be the Lead Administrator and owner of Browning Memorial Hospital. She can be found in all areas of the hospital; she returns to her chambers at Knightshade Manor when she desires to rest. Her office is located on the first floor of BMH and she relies heavily on Alfred and Jessica to keep her informed of new arrivals. She does go to crash sites to ascertain the changes she needs to create; in the hospital in regards to capacity and services required by current patients.

She is often quiet and observational, she can be firm as the need arises; and compassionate as well as flexible. With the goal of moving the patients on to the next institution they choose, she is ever diligent of clues as to where they desire to go.

Deep sultry voice befitting a tall woman, whose narrow waist and shoulders , Mother of Dena, she wore her blond hair short, her skin pale white piercing blue eyes, rigid posture, square shoulders, wore long dresses, Characteristic of Victorian Times.

She rode in a carriage on a stormy night, and the road was on a cliffside leading to their home in the mountains. The wheels locked and the horses and driver all were killed in the crash as well, she would often hear their screams in the night. The team of horses resided in the stable at the Manor, she would often bring them sweets and apples.

Interests include Art, Music, All the talents people use to remind themselves they are alive.

Knightshade Manor is where she resides; her chambers are found in the South end of the first floor. As it is furthest from the lobby, and keeps most of the staff and guests from disturbing her. As with all of the staff she can appear by thought and can go to any area within the Manor instantly.

Caroline can go to Kerringer Castle whenever one of her patients wishes to see her. Shje madkes it a point to often visit the children of parents who may want an jupdates as to how the children are faring in the afterlife. It gives her great delight to see the once sickly patienst full of energy and enjoying their afterlife.

She has no real business at the Justice Hall.

She is a patron of the Arts; she desires beauty over all else. She can be found walking through various galleries, sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend or two. It is due to her photographic memory that she knows where every thing is located within the Browning Memorial Hospital and she selects artwork based on color schemes and design already within the hospital. She had befriended Lord Byron several years before and would find herself outside at an outdoor cafe,where the two of them would exchange banter on witty sayings while eavesdropping on the people around them. She with her Chai Tea, and he with his preferred Cafe du Jour. The hours spent relaxing in the sun, helped clear her mind of the drudgeries of her past. When the Shelley’s came round the stories started and if it not for the oncoming of evening and a chill breeze, none of them would go home.

Whenever her duties called her to Howard Place she often found herself intrigued by the otherworldly creatures who helped maintain the fog and facilities of Howard Place. The ability to be invisible around the newly dead was an asset for this highly transitional abode. As she walked around the lobby seeking the ones that were going to be at Browning Memorial Hospital she loved to probe the memories of the one’s who were waiting in this way station of the after life Howard Place had appeared one day fully staffed without any preparation as it was staffed by paranormal palace denizens, the initial familial connection was lacking, as well as the psychic connections the other so relied upon.

At The Abbey, Caroline would visit with Sister Grace and discuss the elements of Catholicism that lacked in explaining the existence of the Afterlife Institutions. A shadowy alliance existed between the two women, as one refused to acknowledge the failings of the living world to prepare for the Afterlife Institutions, while the other was quite aware of those very failings, as her institution was overcrowded. The continued isolation of the Head Abbess contributed to her own inability to move onto the next incarnation.

In Paranormal Palace, reside the spirits that so fascinate Caroline, however due to the chaotic environment and the need to maintain human attributes, she has been advised never to go to that institution.

The need to visit Yarborough station arises when her stepsons, or ex-husband is in residence and she has to have a conversation with one of them. When Octavius was first returned from Dark Highways, was one such occasion.

In conclusion, Caroline like all of the other staff members is obligated to serve within her chosen afterlife institution for the duration of her continued disillusionment that she is not ready to face to prepare for relocation to her next lifetime.