Knightshade Manor Staff

Knightshade Manor Staff

The main Afterlife Institution.

Aaron Knightshade


Caroline Browning

Clara & Marie

Dena Knightshade

Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, M.D.

Jessica Knightshade

Kevin Knightshade

Louis Knightshade


Octavius Knightshade

Raven Knightshade


Simon Knightshade




Book in which she is featured: Justice Hall.

She is an elderly lady.

She has gray hair permed into tight curls.

She has a doughy face, with wrinkles.

She has piercing blue eyes.

Birdlike in her manners.

Her function within the Hall varies.

She can be found in the lobby, kitchen, and cell blocks.

She wears her uniform from life, a medium legnth blue dress, with buttons and medals indicating her rank on her jacket. On her feet, are navy blue pumps, flesh tone stockings.

She is angry most of the time.

She was in her fifties when she died.

Justice Hall

Justice Hall

An Afterlife Institution that houses those spirits who worked and lived within the Judiciary System. This includes criminals, police, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, guards, and related professions. A few of the environments include institutions, psychological hospitals, and prisons.

Chief Justice Jarod













Dr. Geoffrey Shaw

Louis Knightshade

Chief Justice Karl Manning

Aaron Knightshade

Aaron Knightshade

Books in which he is featured: Knightshade Manor, Salisbury Town, Yarborough Station.

Second Son of Simon Knightshade.

Caroline Browning is his stepmother.

He is bisexual.

His personality is quite similar to his father’s personality.

He tends to be absent-minded if the subject is not of his interest.

He loves attention, and is a socialite.

He has had 300 years of afterlife.

He has black hair, with red highlights.

His eyes are brown to black, depending on his mood.

He has pale skin.

He has a goatee.

He had served in the military during his lifetime.

He had lived in Eastern Europe, and had died due to “lead poisoning” several bullet wounds.

His body is sculpted like a swimmer’s physique.

He is of medium height.

Personality can be defined by Prince of Cups of Tarot.

A lover, intelligent, charmer, con-man.

He slumbers in a coffin.

Clara & Marie

Clara & Marie

Books in which they are featured: Knightshade Manor, Kerringer’s Castle, Paranormal Palace, Dark Highways, Browning Memorial Hospital.

Siamese Twins of Asian descent

They are joined at the hips.

They are beautiful.

They are counselors for children who had died.

Talking them through the events leading to death.

They break down the illusions held after death.

Marians and Marions

Marians and Marions

Books in which they are featured: Browning Memorial Hospital, Knightshade Manor, The Abbey, Dark Highways, Howard Place, Justice Hall, Kerringer’s Castle, Paranormal Palace, Salisbury Town, Yarborough Station.

Demons & Spirits

Housekeeping, porters, staff

Gender variant

Shape shifters

Kevin Knightshade

Kevin Knightshade

Books in which he is featured: Knightshade Manor, Dark Highways, Yarborough Station

He is a spectral bounty hunter.

He speaks and acts in a gruff manner.

He was in the military during his lifetime.

His Uncle is Simon Knightshade.

His cousin is Louis Knightshade.

He has long brown hair, often worn pulled back.

He has a beard and mustache

He is muscular.

His animal shape is that of a wolf.