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I know that there is nothing left to do now. Accept for maybe shout.
I know what you’re doing.
I am haunted by the feeling that time is running out. 
All night long, oh yeah
All I know is fear you, whose flesh is inside out.

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve almost made it out
I can see the end now
This is for the people who held on to doubt
All night long, oh yeah
All I know is hear you, turning round about

Why did we have to do this? Spreading fear and doubt
I have hit the ceiling yeah time is running out
All night long, oh yeah
All I know is spear you, for you’ve caused me so much pain

I don’t want to do this, sparks of color shredding through my brain
For I wish to leave here, ner return again
All night long, oh yeah
Senses are reeling as I see the door
Skeletal remains litter the floor

I am surprised to be alive at this time hunting for your dinner 
You said, killing’s never fun, though once you get started
It’s never over until it’s down to the last one
All night long, oh yeah
I wanted him to fill you, your victim number one