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Greetings to all,

As you peruse the links connected with this page, you will glimpse into my many literary worlds and imagination. How you will feel once you leave these pages, is of no consequence to the founders of Afterlife Institutions. It is through the urging of a former mate that a separate website be created with a focus on my creative works apart from the band, though I am a founding member of the Black Rose Society, all of the experiences and stories intertwine weaving an immense black widow’s web of which once you come into contact, you are forever changed in form. It is thought that in order to support the volume of creative works from Raven Knightshade, a separate section is required. It is currently in the works, and you should be able to access, Knightshade Manor, Afterlife Institutions, The Abbey, Howard Place, Dark Highways, Paranormal Palace, Yarborough Station, Justice Hall, Browning Memorial Hospital, and any further sites that are created personally by me. 

Each Journal is introduced by a letter outlining the poor souls who find themselves inhabiting one of the afterlife institutions.  The following excerpts are not for the faint of heart.  These are tales of horror and suspense.   

On behalf of all members of staff and demonic crew at Knightshade Manor we anxiously anticipate your arrival. My dears it seems that we have suffered a disruption in the processing of the promised monthly newsletter delineating the various cases and events that occur within the confines of this psychiatric hospital for the deceased.

Two agents were conspiring to block the public presentation of two case files that were the content of Knightshade Manor volume two.

It was during the submission of volume three that I received word that volume two was still awaiting editorial consideration. Apparently the files pertaining to this last submission were purposely locked into a demonic storage space, for through the demon Groeg, who for whatever reason accused his cousin? (It is very difficult to discern kin-groups amongst the resident population.) However, he accused his cousin Elisab of being a supporter and member of an illicit organization of flesh consuming demons. Whose crimes include but are not limited to: a large percentage of “unsolved disappearances” of any mortals that happen to cross their path. These demons have engaged in the consumption and vending of several hitchhikers that were last seen walking on the edge of various highways. These cases we were aware of, but the process of a hitchhiker luring a driver was never before linked to the same group of demons. Elisab showing unusual loyalty to her kinsmen, locked all files and paperwork connected to the events that transpired against the young man defined in volume two. Of course, she knew it was only a matter of time before the missing case files would be discovered. We have since fired her from the Manor and are conducting an investigation as to who within our staff are linked to this organization of flesh eaters and expelling them from the Manor. Unfortunately, before we were able to persecute the demons that were staffed at the Manor, a few of the guests were consumed. That in itself may encourage you to think before you commit an act that will lead you to the Knightshade Manor, for being hunted and consumed by demons is more of a mental duress than I care to explain in this letter. Please see attached document: Nightmare. It is a poem that was written by the last internal victim within the Manor. For since the guests are already dead, they find themselves once again in their rooms, with an undefinable fear. Lacking the ability to die, yet holding to the illusion of flesh the guests are preferable to young demons practicing their skills before unleashing their hunger upon mortals.

I now proceed to the second event that occurred to prevent the public exposure of illicit practices of staff members of the Manor. This transgression however was done by none other than my beloved cousin Aaron. He has a few pet guests that he keeps for his leisure, the management is aware of this, for we all have our favorites. Though it seems my dear Aaron has taken a step further and is actually preventing this guest from leaving the Manor. Due to capacity, and the volume of new arrivals this behavior is frowned upon by all of the staff who have released several of their favorites from within the confines of the manor. He apparently retrieved the file from the Editors desk and held it in his office personal files. If he had not angered another staff member who had taken it upon herself to find any transgression he had made against the staff he would not have been discovered. Suspicions would have risen, but no proof of his personal intervention. 

In both instances, it is interesting to note, that I was not silenced permanently for the knowledge that I had acquired while researching these cases. We here at Knightshade Manor apologize to anyone who may have been anticipating volume two and once it is available it will be submitted for your perusal.

Raven Knightshade