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Staff of Browning Memorial Hospital


Caroline Knightshade – Mother of Aaron who has returned from a long duration of fieldwork, as she is the most human looking of all of the Knightshades, she chose to be the first point of contact for many, quite similar to the reason for using Jessica, the look of death didn’t appear as easily as it did on the others of the Knightshade family.  Her blonde hair, and milky white skin, and eyes of violet, entrance all who came into contact with her.


Alfred Knightshade – He is cousin to Aaron, Jessica, Raven and the others at Knightshade Manor.  His mother is Caroline.  His uncle is Simon.  No one is quite sure who his father is, no one speaks of him.   During his lifetime, he was an accomplished renaissance man who studied art, music, science and various academic pursuits.  Quite found of Salisbury Town, he can often be found within its multitude of art galleries. His role as general manager of the hospital is one that he adheres to slightly.  His interests lie in other directions hence leaving Jonathan Carter more or less in charge.


Jonathan Carter – Alfred’s administrative assistant with a flair for decorating, and drama Jonathan made himself indispensible to the medical staff at Browning.  His dandy manners acquired in life stayed with him after death.  Often seen wearing the height of fashion, he too could be found walking through Salisbury Town admiring the artwork or socializing with the artists and authors in town.


Stephanie – Head Nurse, she spent her entire life focused on nursing.  She carried this into her afterlife and as a result, she is an excellent nurse who runs a tight shift. Her hair in a tight bun, her uniform pristine, she had worked during the Pearl Harbor bombing and forced her whims on her patients and subordinate staff.


Megan – is the filekeeper for this particular afterlife institution.  Her shy nature lends itself to being able to work for months alone reading and typing up the notes developed by the medical staff at Browning Memorial Hospital. 


Joseph – Ambulance driver, his superstitions that failed him in life, acted as a strength in his afterlife.  His temperament was mellow throughout life and continues to be so in his afterlife.


Clara & Marie – Siamese twins of Asian descent who are joined at the hip; and are beautiful, because they have differing views they are an undeniable asset to the Manor.  Their expertise lies in the interpretation of the deaths of children, their investigation includes the events leading to their deaths as well as the illusions they withhold after death.  Their diagnosis is contingent on their observations as to whether the children are ready to move on, or if they desire to await their killers to exact their vengeance upon them.


Sallyn – Head of housekeeping demons, she keeps her own counsel.


Slurgh – primary demon, he supervises all of the demon workers within the manor.  He is an excellent resource for occurrences in the demon world as he is neutral due to an indiscretion within the demonic world and he holds multiple alliances, as true to his nature, it is all about self-preservation.


Dr. Geoffery Shaw M.D. Pediatrics – he was a doctor in a small town in Colonial America, and it was through his negligence that several of the townspeople died from smallpox.  He spent the first several years here trying to repay the victims of his practice.  He soon became responsible for every child, because he refused to assist in the afterlife; Simon decreed that he would have to assist with every child who arrived to the Manor.


Marion or Marian – housekeeping demons that assume the domestic duties and grounds upkeep of the Manor.  They were the only type of help that would stay at the Manor.  Since demons take on so many forms, and since gender was sometimes difficult they were all called Marion or Mary.  It is a name that they prefer, as the demons are myriad so are the tenants that inhabit or are employed at the Manor.