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The Following is a list of a few of the residents of Salisbury Town.  Enjoy!  There are more to be included in the near future…

Salisbury Town Residents

Salisbury Town has been in existence for centuries.  A collective of artists, authors, musicians, actors, and their supporting staffs have taken up residence in this rural community fashioned by the desires of the residents.



Claire Monet – is the mayor of Salisbury Town.  She has green eyes, black hair and pale skin.  She wears clothing from the 18th century and prefers a pale blue parasol hence most of her clothing tend to be in shades of blue.  Wearing a white wig and white powdered features was of the highest fashion during her lifetime.  She wears this attire when attending important events.  A wife of a lawyer during her lifetime, her husband went elsewhere as his interests and activities in life lead him to a different institution.  She spends her afterlife cultivating culture, the arts, music and theater.  


Heather Madison – is Ms. Monet’s assistant and public event coordinator.  She is small in stature, a little overweight.  Her glasses framed her rounded brown eyes.  Her hair frizzy and white and her skin with pink overtones.  Her attire is very colorful and loose.  She left life in the late 20th century and tended to wear the fashion she wore in life.  Her temper was underlying each of her discussions.  Her husband still lives hence she is alone in Salisbury Town and is interested in supporting the residents in town to continue their artistic pursuits.


Brady Lawrence – A young man whose interests had always been in the arts.  His dark eyes and brown hair and Mediterranean coloring made him an excellent model.  He had trained under some of the great Renaissance artists in the techniques of sculpture, and oil painting.  His afterlife is dedicated to honing his skills and continuation of his lessons from his mentors.


Cassie Juneau – is the file keeper for this institution.  She is young, dynamic and her enthusiasm enables her to make friends and contacts easily.  Her easy manners allowed her to gain access to anyone and anywhere.  She spends a majority of her time reviewing the case files of each of the residents within the Town.  Whenever there are events she attends to ensure that the records are accurate.  She has light strawberry blond  hair freckles, and blue eyes.


Sylphs – are the spirits of water.  They are hard to differentiate between genders, each are fair.  They tend to have green hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.  Their skills with the element of water enable them to work with water, waterfalls, rivers, streams, oceans, and fountains.  At various life institutions they create a barrier using clouds, fog and waterways to prevent the escape of residents from their afterlife institutions.  Along the borders of Salisbury town is a large river which flows quickly forming multiple rapids inhibiting crossing the river.  If any of the residents feel the desire to cross and proceed to do so, the water flows and them back to the central pond in the center of town.  Filling the fog with images of their favorite artforms and imagery to remind them of why they are in Salisbury Town.


Fairies – are the spirits who through their presence alone act as inspiration to the artists who live in Salisbury Town.  Their images change for the need of the residents.  They also act as the busy workers who complete all tasks needed to keep the illusion of the afterlife institution.


Psychics – are individuals who are of the living world.  They are able to interact with the afterlife institution via their dreams, visions, feelings and cognitive abilities.  They appear to the dead as ghosts and are only able to exist in Salisbury Town for a short time wherein the residents are able to share their experiences with the living so that they are not forgotten.