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The afterlife institution of Howard Place consists of a large lobby with a variety of seating and end tables set up to provide a temporary resting area for the recently deceased.  The colors are neutral, and the entryways and exits are maintained by the Sylphs who manipulate the waves that surround the building to prevent escape of the guests until they are discharged.  As each guests can have a variance of time, there are areas that reflect each major chapter in mankind’s existence. The time spent at Howard Place can be short while, minutes perhaps.  However there are guests who have been awaiting centuries, they are not as of yet ready to be discharged.


Brett Stevens – used to be a shy introverted science geek.  In his life, he lived a medial existence, rarely taking risks.  His career choices involved the hospitality field.  He preferred jobs where he could be invisible and not be responsible for anything for which he needed to answer.  His affection for his scientific pursuits were never fully understood or appreciated in his lifetime.  In Howard Place his role was of primary liaison between the guests and the afterlife institution to which they would relocate.


Chet Brown  – a short man, his blond hair, greased into a pageboy style.  His piercing blue eyes assessing all that they see.  His face was often in a compassionate expression as he felt empathy for all that spirits that found themselves at Howard Place.  Part-time lover of Alfred Knightshade, the director of Browning Memorial Hospital.  His crush on Brett leads to an on again off again relationship that spans centuries.


Sara Swanson – her blond hair held up in a large bun, and her dark skin her mulatto blood evident in the shape of her eyes and the curvature of her lips.  Forced to dress in long flowing skirts and tight bodice whether it be rain or shine during her life, she had chosen to spend her afterlife attired in breeches and a loose shirt such as the fashion choice of the men in Victorian England.  Regardless of what she personally chose to look like, the guests at Howard Place illumined her attire into whatever familiar garb that suits their fancy.  Her experience of hostess of the finest hotels and residences in life prepared her for her afterlife of hosting the wayward guests of Howard Place.  A private person she never allows anyone to know her true personality.


Marilyn Peron – is an elderly Filipino woman who maintains the image of Howard Place.  Her personality was one of a wheeler and dealer.  The game of negotiation inspired most of her conversations, and her thoughts.


Marion/Marians – are elementals who are perceived by some as demons, while others sees them as angels.  They change as per the individual’s personal needs.  They act as housekeepers, porters, desk clerks, receptionists, and staff in all afterlife institutions they may be found.


Bradley – is a tall man whose youth is unable to be gauged by all who see him.  His role of guests’ relations director enables him to interact with everyone within Howard Place as well staff of other afterlife institutions.  It is his final decision as to where guests are to be relocated upon leaving Howard Place.


Lorenzo – is an elemental who maintains the grounds, and buildings of Howard Place.  It is his meticulous attention to detail that drove him to this task as caretaker with no recognition of his works.  His Latino features were handsome and his physique of one who had spent his lifetime in physical labor.  He was proud of his body and had kept the illusion in his afterlife.


Sofie – is the file keeper for this afterlife Institution.  Her horn-rimmed black frame glasses she peered at all of the guests, staff and visitors of Howard Place.  Her charming smile and short stature were her easiest identifiable traits.  Her death during childbirth gave her the maternal instincts required to draw confessions and stories from all she meets.  She has a propensity for loose skirts and flowing blouses.  Her Romanian ancestry evident in her features; her blue black hair curled around her pale white skin.  Her coral lips, and large green eyes provided an inspiration to many of the guests who left Howard Place to reside at Salisbury Town.


Sylphs – elementals who control water, all forms of water.  They have an elaborate system of water walls that contain boundaries and images to keep the guests of Howard Place unaware of any other existence.  The behaviors and desires of each guest are reflected on the walls.  It assists the staff in relocating the guests to another afterlife institution.  The sylphs have green skin, blue eyes and hair of shades of green to blond.    They are thin, and can change into any form based from water.