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He is cousin to Aaron, Jessica, Raven and the others at Knightshade Manor.  His mother is Caroline.  His uncle is Simon.  No one speaks of his father, for it throws Simon into a rage.  A product of his wife’s infidelity. Thus, no one speaks of him.

During his lifetime, he was an accomplished renaissance man who studied art, music, science and various academic pursuits.  Quite found of Salisbury Town, he can often be found within its multitude of art galleries. His role as general manager of the hospital is one that he adheres to slightly.  His interests lie in other directions hence leaving Jonathan Carter more or less in charge.

 A headstrong man, overweight smells of expensive cologne with a faint hint of sweat and cognac.  A purveyor of the fine things, his brown eyes surveying the room of which he had recently entered.  His skin ruddy from his life of excess.  His brown hair finely trimmed with a purposeful dishevelment.

He tends to shift his weight from foot to foot as he stood.  When he was hosting an event or conducting a meeting, he gave the sense of a large beast about to pounce.  His aggressive personality required that he hold everyone in suspicion until they proved otherwise.

His deep baritone was music to one’s ears.  He preferred to whisper to his family and friends when dealing with staff his voice could be heard throughout the corridors.

He is sexy, regardless of his weight.  He finds lovers easily, though his appetites were voracious.  He rarely pursued anyone for any significant length of time.  He has a crush on Aaron and Raven.  The three of them were inseparable.  They attended many events together, like in the tale Serendipity Pond in Knightshade Manor Book I.

He had been a doctor in life, and had conducted several procedures while deeply intoxicated.  The inevitable joke “what happened to my watch,” joke is attributed to an actual mistake Alfred had made.

His mother Caroline Browning was the heir to the hospital, she deeply trusted her son’s expertise, as he is the love child of Caroline and her brother-in-law, Justin; Alfred he had never been accepted by Simon, hence he avoided going to Knightshade Manor.

Alfred adores his mother, and loves working in the environment of which he is accustomed.  Often, he once again operated on those patients that he had killed while that patient came to terms with their death.  He experiences no remorse as he went through the actions that led up to the deaths of his patients.  Part of the reason he stills works as a surgeon.  His role as manager of the hospital requires a frequent interaction with administration from the various afterlife institutions.

Within Kerringer Castle, Alfred worked with Marina Kerringer when a pediatric patient was ready for release from Browning Memorial Hospital to the afterlife playground Kerringer Castle, where all one’s childhood dreams come true.  The staff from Kerringer Castle would visit the Hospital to determine whether the children were ready to leave.  Ariel would take them through the forest and play games while introducing them to the other residents of Kerringer Castle. Claire and Marie would observe as their counselors to determine their transitions to another afterlife institution or return to the living.  The twins would accompany the children to the castle or to the world of the living to show them where they could spend their afterlife.

As per agreement with the afterlife institution, Knightshade Manor, the caregivers, Aaron, and Dena would periodically visit the Hospital to determine whether any of the patients would be checking into the Manor after they had healed from their injuries.

The agreement with Justice Hall were that anyone whose life consisted of supporting or breaking the law of the living would eventually reside in Justice Hall.  Alfred worked exclusively with Chief Justice Jarod in transporting criminals back and forth between their institutions as if a spirit imagined an injury, they would be sent to the hospital via ambulance and healed.  After which, they would be returned back to the prison.

Alfred spent much of his leisure time as a supporter of the Arts,  his favorite citizen was Claude.  He often purchased artwork from the local artists to display in the corridors of the hospital.

At the Abbey, Alfred worked with Sister Grace, although they have an agreed upon hatred.  He preferred to meet with Ocean, as she was more eclectic and fitting to his tastes.  He had an off and on again relationship with Ocean and her spiritual and hippy ways allowed for his infidelity and allowed for stability when he sought it.