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Greetings All,

This is the second volume of Knightshade Manor which was a monthly publication set forth to further describe the afterlife institution the Knightshade Manor.

In this volume, the tales of Heartbreak Corridor which currently is the second floor of the Manor is began with a tale of a guest who is housed in room 215.  My story is told, my life of which I had clearly forgotten several details.  My darling cousin Aaron had been effiecient in his assessment of my mental state when I had first arrived at the Manor.   From the second floor, the journal ascends the grand staircase to the next level within the Manor – the Third Floor.

The next guest who resides in room 308 is a middle-aged professional man who experiences the worst possible day for one individual.  His caretaker Aaron Knightshade listens calmly as he once again recants his final day of life.  All seven sins are experienced and all the significant signals of warning are quite obvious to the reader and listener in this tale.  It is however an excellent tale for those who wish to learn more about my devilishly exotic cousin.

The final file for this volume is the account of a southern boy he is housed in room 315, (or at least his spirit is; no telling what happened to his body) who comes into contact with a female driver who is one of many that supports an underground meat market for the various demons that exist on the outskirts of the living world and the afterlife institutions.

Enjoy your stroll through the halls of my home, and remember you really don’t want to end up here.


Raven Knightshade