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Greetings to the living,

As with the preceding volumes, this is yet another perusal of the psychiatric files of the dead, their life and death experiences as well as any events that occur within the Manor.  Allowing you to see what environment the guests and staff find themselves living in as they attempt to finish their “unfinished” business.  As before, I will define the Mission Statement of the Hospital.

The staff is trained to respond to any situation, having been in existence for several centuries, the Manor has the ability to expand and add on more rooms as the need for housing increases, it is in this volume that the expansionist capability of the architecture, the grounds and the staff is gratefully acknowledged.  .

For you see, Knightshade Manor houses, the dead, ones that would be considered a threat to others or themselves.  They find themselves at Knightshade Manor, a psychiatric hospital for spirits.  They are expected to learn from their experience, and prove that they are no longer a threat to others or themselves.  Every once in awhile, if there are wars, accidents, chemical/viral outbreaks, or epidemics the volume of guests that arrive are overwhelming, and the ectoplasm within the Manor must adjust to the quantity of incoming ectoplasm.

As before, consider the situation they are in, they are dead!  Because of their negligence, or in some cases, the negligence of others, their inability to keep alive is astounding, it is a basic instinct that every human is born with, so to die before biological aging does usually indicate negligence on the part of the individual at some point in their lives, they could made a different choice or action that would lead to a different series of events and perhaps avoided their premature deaths.  When the cause of death strikes more than a few individuals, perhaps even into the 1000’s many of those individuals die with the sense of unfinished business and as a result, our halls, rooms, and gardens are flooded with vagabond spirits, anguished with their situation and confused about their environment.  It is times like these that one wishes that the living would head out notices such as this journal to ensure that they never leave the living without at least telling them how they really feel.  I can’t count the number of individuals that I have met that simply forgot to tell someone of the living that they love them.  It is so simple, yet it is the number one cause of arrival to the Manor.  I digress, but I hope that perhaps if our guests had performed that single act, I wouldn’t be forced to hide in this windowless room typing these words, for the volume of guests that have arrived since the plane crash means that we are short staffed.  And that silly demonic strike added to the pandemonium that surrounded the usual guests problems.  I arrived onto the scene and after dealing with several of the crashees I went to strangle some teenage boy that moaned about not telling a girl that he loved her.  Simon pulled me backwards whispering that I was not allowed to choke them no matter how tempting it may be, escorting me to the hidden corridors.  He handed me this assignment, and opened the door to this windowless room with a bed, a desk with a laptop, and a lamp.  Seeing the drabness of the room, with a flick of my hand, I illumined a Victorian bedroom.  Simon appreciated the idea, so much that we sullied the bed in passion.  After which he begrudgingly arose and told me to rest and when I was ready to create yet another volume for once again you the living needed to be aware of this silly idea of unfinished business really did lead to self imprisonment after death.  As always, we welcome you to the Manor, but don’t be upset when it is over crowded, we can only control a number of the resident population, the newly arrived haven’t yet been properly assessed.

The mission statement of the Knightshade Manor is that each individual is allowed to live, in no matter what form, design or function.  It is within their rights as souls to live, it is the actions and decisions that one makes at various junctures in their lives and deaths that determine their results.  It is the responsibility of the staff of the Manor to assess the endangerment of the soul and through various methods encourage individuality and responsibility on the individual’s part as to what effects they are forced to endure as a result of their decisions and actions.  Once they have learned how to change that action, they are then released back to their lives to either change things or move onto a different life or to Heaven or Hell for lack of a better term.  It is entirely up to the individual.

The manor is set up as a chateau with the imagery of a grand hotel.  This is all part of the therapeutic process.  There are multiple stories, each pertaining to specific lessons that the guests (we don’t like to use the term patient, the term guest ensures that they will vacate, as soon as they determine they are ready, rather than the term patient which would indicate that they would need some else’s permission to leave the Manor.) need to learn.

It is with this Mission Statement in mind that this monthly journal has been created.  In which, I will present tales involving the guests of the various spirits within the house.  I think it is in the hopes that it will be read by some of the living, and perhaps save us the chance to have to register more guests.  For in the centuries that have passed since the Manor opened, the living world has become more populous.  As with the proceeding volumes, I will introduce the staff involved, as well as the Manor itself, for it has absorbed so much ectoplasm, that poltergeist activity is rampant.  So in a sense the house itself is alive.  And in reading this, perhaps it will assist you in either comprehending the dead, understanding life, or at least learn from the mistakes that others have made.

As will the various events that are covered with the volume, I had forgotten to include an annual event.  Of course, you have to be on the list in order to be invited.  That would be Marie Antoinette’s death anniversary ball, she would require that everyone attend dressed in living attire, as part of the charade, it was her way of forgetting about her death for one evening.  Of course the dancers would tire and eventually take off the living masks exposing their decomposing flesh or decapitations, how Aaron could attend I still am unable to comprehend.  She is a colorful personality, and her ball always seems to fall at the most inconvenient times.  This time being no exception to the rule.

The chronological order of this particular volume is as follows, First floor, discussion between Simon and Dena, Third Floor, Room 337, Kitchen with Slurgh, Dining Hall with Demonic rebels, Lobby with plane crash victims, Room 299 Dance Hall, Lobby, conclusion.  Or if you would rather, read from lower – higher level…

Raven Knightshade