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Greetings to the living,

As I have promised this is the fourth volume of the Knightshade Manor publication.  Contained within the halls of my home are the souls of those who have passed from the world of the living with a severe attachment to the life of which they had left, including those events and actions that led to their early demise.  As the archivist of the files for the Afterlife Institution, I have been asked by my mentor and lover Simon Knightshade to develop a monthly publication outlining the files of our guests.

We are joined in this volume by my much younger cousin Jessica.  She is the child of Simon’s brother who had chosen to return to live in the world of the living within the past century.  His child Jessica had encountered a swift ending to her life as she had been bitten by a mojave desert rattle snake and had died before receiving treatment.  More details regarding her past will be presented in future volumes.  An brief abstract of her tale is as follows:

Jessica’s Chamber and Lobby – As the sun set – Jessica is summoned to assist with the guests that just crashed into the afterlife and realm of Knightshade Manor.  After receiving orders from Dena, and is informed that she is to welcome new staff as well as several new cases; she is properly introduced, as she invites in new staff members, to assist with the temporary overload of cases, along with her Siamese twin.  Two other male Knightshades also arrive (Kevin and Louis), with the intention of a temporary visit, of course it develops into an extended stay for all concerned. 

As we leave Jessica at the reception desk in the Manor, we shall once again climb the grand staircase to the second level lovingly referred to as the Heartbreak Corridor, it houses those spirits of which suffer heartbreak in life, and continue to do so in the afterlife. As we progress past the second landing sitting area, we walk down the narrow corridors towards room 201.  Of which the guests the following is an abstract of their tale.

Room 201

The story of two people falling in love, different lifestyles, and same genders… two lesbian lovers who through public pressure decide to marry men and realize that it was a serious mistake, jealousy surfaces, Andy kills Sophie’s husband.  This leads to some problems.  Settling in the Mediterranean, they move to a chateau in the South of France, away from the village where no one realizes them or their past, they cultivate a vegetable garden, and they are happy until the guilt of the murder resurfaces, as the spirits of their husbands begin to haunt them.  This is an introduction of the first murder they committed which drove them from their American hometown.  A continuation on this file may be included in a later volume, for they have yet to complete the cycle of death.

 After we have visited with Andy and Sophie it is time to proceed back to the sitting area and lobby of the second floor to once again climb another set of stairs to the third floor – which is aptly named Innocence Lost.  We walk to room 318 passing several closed doors, a scream here, mad laughter behind another, blaring televisions from yet another.  Come now, don’t dawdle or spend too much time wondering about what is behind each door, you might find yourself playing a part in another spirit’s drama.   Ah, and when we finally do arrive in front of room 318, we find that is slightly ajar, as this spirit likes to interact with the caretakers.

A young male college student whose life was quite uneventful until he entered college, he never got the chance to graduate due to his mistaken eavesdropping on some shady administrators within the university.  He was murdered, for information that he knew regarding scientific testing within the Psychology department, in accordance with the zoology department.  Tragic really, he is continuously haunted by the spirits of his tormentors who he borrows any passing spirit to take on the guise of them as well as the animals of which he was unable to save.


After viewing and experiencing the corridor of Innocence Loss, it is time to climb the staircase to the Fourth Floor – Illusions Dance within the frame of my mind.  We will meet with a calmer spirit, one of the victims of the plane crash described in Volume 3 of Knightshade Manor.

A bored working class woman, unhappily married, mother of two sons, frustration at not getting what she wanted to out of life, she creates a new life for herself within the Manor after dying in the plane crash.  It is up to her caregiver to remind her that she lived the life she truly did.  She is the first guest to be placed on the newly built fourth floor of the Manor.  Debbie desires a new life, and through death, gets it.

Well my dear readers, I realize that this letter is less formal than the previous letter.  If you feel the need to reread the mission statement or definitions of the purpose of Knightshade Manor feel free to read volume 3 letter of introduction as that is the most concise and technical of all the letters I have written.


Raven Knightshade