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Greetings to the living,

I am proud to announce, that I have completed the developing of journals for Knightshade Manor.  At least for the time being.  We have created an allegiance with several other after life housing organizations and are able to advertise their services within these journals to the living.

Within the pages of this journal are summaries of the psychological files of the guests within Knightshade Manor’s vaults that pertain to the lives of individual souls who due to inattention of their own mortality find themselves guests within the Manor.  In response to the chaotic atmosphere that surrounds the guests and grounds of the Manor, once again various changes have occurred. For a description of the Manor, its purpose, past and present residents and employees please see the previous volumes of this journal.  If further information is desired, or your organization desires to be included in the listings of available afterlife institutions please feel free to contact me.  Due to events that transpire continually at Knightshade Manor, the ectoplasm that surrounds the Manor and grounds creates several additions to the Manor and the outlying areas.  As I am sure occurs at all of the afterlife institutions.

As stated previously, in volume 7, I have returned to the Manor after several months in the field.  My primary goal was to interact and interview potential guests as a means of convincing our patrons that the Manor provided specific services and that their financial contributions were indeed utilized to their fullest potential.  My personal primary goal was to seek out the competition and determine if perhaps our guests would be provided better accommodations for some of the living who might be erroneously placed in our care.  I have once again returned to the files, and as before, I am organizing the data in a readable format for the living to interpret the afterlife, and the various phases encountered when leaving one’s mortal existence prematurely.  It is necessary to clear out the files of patients and their misfortunes as quickly as possible, for more guests are arriving each night.  Once they have resided in the Manor a significant amount of time, they have gotten over their lives, and are ready to return to the world of the lving, or move to another institution.  As promised, I will include the details of the other institutions that have joined us in the continued care of the dead.  Included in this current list will be the definitions of people who work within the individual institutions, their roles, and any linkage they may have to Knightshade Manor.

Within the vault of Knightshade Manor, are the files of the victims of Octavius however, due to the persecution by a religious order, the guests actually reside in the Abbey.

Abbey, The – An institution staffed by members of every known religious order whose own prejudices actually denied them access to their concept of heaven.  Their penance is to serve the souls that were killed by the extremist methods wrapped in the cloak of religious dogma.  Often, the perpetrators of the tortuous methods and ignorant persecution find themselves, at the receiving end of their zealous victims who are more than happy to return the favor of pain and death to those who wear the robes of the church.  As a result of centuries of religious persecution, there are guests from every region of the world, many of whom were killed during wars and crusades.

Simon has yet to locate Octavius, but has relinquished several of the victims who were still wandering the material plane, to the Abbey.  The accomplices of Octavius had been relocated to the seventh floor of Knightshade Manor, where Simon alone possesses the key to access, and they await his return.

Browning Memorial Hospital – a place for guests who spent a majority of their lives in hospital whether as a patient, or an employee.  They have special needs that pertain to the needs of the illusion of a hospital, with all the attributes that pertain to that illusion.  The staff members are dressed as medical personnel, who spend a majority of their time studying terminology and methodologies to practice on the patients, during their experiences.

 Dark Highways – are the roadways throughout the world where people have met their untimely demise, those who have lived their lives on the road, and as a result spend their afterlives in the various hotels and roadside diners and stops along the way.  Kevin, Louis, Simon, Dena and Raven are all central characters within these journals.

Howard Place – a place for guests who are lost, and waiting to return to their loved ones.  These are often people who were killed during storms, and natural disasters, as they are not directly responsible for their own demise.  They are routed to this institution that is really just a pleasant waiting room with peach walls comfortable couches and miscellaneous magazines placed on glass topped tables.  Each person creates his or her ideal surroundings with an eye to what a waiting room is supposed to look like.

Justice Hall – a place for criminals, people who had wasted most of their lives in institutions, jails, mental hospitals, prisons, choosing a path that denied them access to the gifts that are offered in life.  The rooms are set up as holding cells, the guards are police, and demons that personify the people that monitored and controlled the criminals.  Judges, lawyers, bailiffs, everyone that chose to experience that attribute of a career find themselves at Justice Hall.

Kerringer’s Castle – a place for children who were never born, and those who were born dying, whether by terminal illness, or negligence on the part of their parents.

Paranormal Palace – a place for all of the elementals, spirits, sprites, demons, angels, banshees, all beings who are unable to fully materialize in the world of the living.

Salisbury Town – a town developed by artists, writers, musicians a safe haven where they may continue their life’s work

Yarborough Station – is a place for those who chose military life as their identity, these are people who died during wars, military combat, acts of terrorism, the facility is set up as a base camp, and training grounds for the guests to still feel the connection with the military life they once lead, there are ample grounds to provide the exterior fields and illusions of re-experiencing the deaths that the guests endured.

Contained within this volume 15, is a summation of the institutions that are responsible for dealing with the psychological problems of the dead.  There are other institutions that are awaiting to be accepted into our association, when their application is accepted, they will be listed in the forthcoming journals of Raven Knightshade.  The staff and the institution will be further introduced in their own time.

As stated in all previous volumes, the intent of the staff is to facilitate the speedy recovery of all guests who find themselves within our domain, for, as always there is never a limitation to the influx of premature dead.


Raven Knightshade