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Greetings to the living,

Welcome to Knightshade Manor, contained within these pages are summaries of the psychological files contained within the Manor’s archival vaults that pertain to the lives of individual souls who due to inattention of their own mortality find themselves guests within the Manor.  In response to the chaotic atmosphere that surrounds the guests and grounds of the Manor, once again various changes have occurred. For a description of the Manor, its purpose, past and present residents and employees please see any of the previous volumes of this journal, due to events that transpire continually at Knightshade Manor, the ectoplasm that surrounds the Manor and grounds, creates several additions to the Manor.

Within this volume the guests are currently housed on the third floor – innocence lost.  This floor contained imagery, furnishings and wall décor that emphasized a calming effect on the observer.

In room 311 resides Omar a man from El Salvador who had immigrated to the United States in his teens.  He had spent many years away from home and once he was established financially into his early thirties he took a trip back home.  Once back to his home town, he discovers a dark past that flows through his blood as it had through his ancestry.  The beast greatly feared in the folklore of his people was alive and well within his soul.

In room 315 resides Celia, she in her life had dated Omar.  Her old-fashioned notions led her to believe that she was to show her love by serving her man in all factions.  The revelations of Omar in El Salvador took her down a path where she provided victims to feed the beast who she now owed her heart and obedience to forever.

In room 313 a paranoid anxiety-ridden guest named Veronica spent hours replaying various events in her life which were easily observed by her caretakers who chose to view her from behind a one-way mirror.  Her delusions were so strong that her adversaries and cohorts materialized and were visible to any of the psychically astute caretakers.

The guest who resides in 321 is Aaron, a young man who lived in the United States and had been exposed to Chinese medicine when visiting a friend in Chinatown.  From the tender age of seven, where he witnessed the air spirits who reside in the afterlife institutions who provide healing to those who call upon them.  He spent the rest of his life trying to follow a positive life path.  He achieved a degree in Chinese Acupuncture and healed the homeless as a continuation of his life’s work.  The events that led to his entry into Knightshade Manor are unclear as he does not recall what happened.  His discussions with Dena were often more enlightening to her than she expected.  She is after all only familiar with the European egocentric view of Western Medicine that was in its infancy during her lifetime.

Contained within this volume 11, is a summary of some files maintained within the lower levels and basement of the Manor.  As stated in all previous volumes, the intent of the staff is to facilitate the speedy recovery of all guests who find themselves within our domain, for, as always there is never a limitation to the influx of premature dead.

Sincerely, Raven Knightshade