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Greetings to the living,

Welcome to Knightshade Manor,

These are the files of the serial killers who are overseen by Kevin Knightshade who is a bounty hunter of spirits who need to be controlled and disciplined.  He captured both serial killers whose files are summarized in this volume.  While they are being processed and reviewing their lives, they reside on the 5th floor, while their victims are housed on the 6th floor.  They will be not allowed to return to the world of the living but will be sent to Justice Hall where they will be for an eternity. Louis Knightshade, is the caretaker of the victims of these serial killers, they are all housed within large suites with separate bedrooms off of a central living quarters.  Also as part of the overlap between these files and the ones derived from Dark Highways, the route 66 motels that once existed and the spirits that haunt this highway are also reviewed within this volume.

Within these pages are summaries of the psychological files within the Manor’s archival vaults that pertain to the lives of individual souls who due to inattention of their own mortality find themselves guests within the Manor.  In response to the chaotic atmosphere that surrounds the guests and grounds of the Manor, once again various changes have occurred. For a description of the Manor, its purpose and residents/employees please see any of the previous volumes of this journal, due to events that transpire continually at Knightshade Manor, the ectoplasm that surrounds the Manor and grounds, creates several additions to the Manor.

Room 301 houses the victims of the serial killer, and the wards of Louis Knightshade.

301a, Alex       301b, Allen     301c, Brian      301d, Bobby   301e, Justin     301f, Jason

301g, George  301h, Jeffery   301i, Dustin    301j, Adam     301k, Nick      301l, James

301m, David   301n, Lance    301o, Kevin    301p, Calvin    301q, John       301r, Mick

301s, Ryan      301t, Stephen  301u, Calvin    301v, Peter      301w, Willy

301x, Raymond          301y, Lonnie   301z, Brent     301aa, Charlie 301ab, Tyler

301ac, Chris    301ad, Eddie  301ae, Isaac    301af, Terry    301ag. Jose

Discovering through a conversation with another victim of an earlier serial killer named J.W.G. Dena had learned that they as the victims desired to inflict their tormentors with the same fear and anguish they had suffered in order to balance the scales.  Her neighbor at that time was living in room 301 off of a larger chamber surrounded by several doors, 33 the last time he had counted.  Their killer was located on another floor in the Manor, for he had died during his imprisonment.  His victims were all young boys; he had lured them with offers of employment.  He had left the bodies around his house to rot, and had finally been caught after several people complained of the odor of the rotting corpses.  The victim had smiled and said that it was through the intervention of the dead victims that the bodies had decomposed faster and that ventilation was created from which others could discern the odors.  The killer was a socialite, and always had visitorsto his home.  He didn’t want to get caught contrary to popular belief.

In room 333 resides a tale of two people through their lives and experiences and ending with old age. A soft tale of the beauty of life long love.  Not all residents at the Manor have horrible experiences!

Contained within this volume 14, is a summary of some files maintained within the lower levels and basement of the Manor.  As stated in all previous volumes, the intent of the staff is to facilitate the speedy recovery of all guests who find themselves within our domain, for, as always there is never a limitation to the influx of premature dead.

Sincerely,Raven Knightshade