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I am Catelin, this is an introduction to one of the afterlife institutions, identified as the Abbey. As with all afterlife institutions, you the living are invited to read the files and narrations of the guests and caretakers who reside within these hallowed walls.  The Abbey houses those spirits who actively sought recognition and understanding of their lives after death.  Each guest has a specific reason for being housed at the Abbey rather than one of the other afterlife institutions.

The staff can be very accommodating and are always available to hear your woes.  All religions are represented here, for those who are too self-involved to acknowledge others.  They are housed on various floors within the Abbey.  Exterior is a grand cathedral, a mosque, a pyramid or whatever preferred architecture the guest chooses to illusion.

The mission statement of the Abbey, is that each individual is allowed to live, regardless of form, design or function.  It is within their rights as souls to live, (excuse the pun) or die as they please.  The actions and decisions they made to achieve their current existense is reflected in their dreams, all of which can be observed by their caretakers and staff.  As these guests have already been screened through Knightshade Manor and Howard Place.  They are not often ready to return to the physical realm, excluding those who believe in reincarnation.  A majority of the guests at the Abbey continue on to their personal interpretation of the afterlife.  It is through life reviews that they determine they have learned all that they are able to and are no longer to learn more in that form.

The Abbey staff is accustomed to long spans of time; they have all the patience in the universe.  Once a spirit dies and evolves to their own afterlife they leave the Abbey and either return to the physical world or to any of the afterlife institutions.

In following with the procedures of the Afterlife Institutions; I have been assigned the task of writing a monthly compilation of tales derived from the files held within our organization. A monthly journal intended to be read by the living and caretakers at the other afterlife institutions.  The journal will consist of notes compiled by the caretakers while observing and interviewing the guests.  The experiences of the staff and events within the facilities will also be written within the journal.

As you read these tales, be entertained, be forewarned you are getting a slight glimpse into the afterlife and perhaps you can avoid some of the mistakes that have been provided as an example and you can avoid coming to the Abbey!

First guest is Shawn, a surfer who decides to ignore the warnings of the voodoo queen and wears a shark tooth while hitting the waves in rural Jamaica.  His caretaker is Dr. Baird, a voodoo doctor who is versed in the ways of curses and attempts to break the curse that Shawn brought with him to his afterlife.

The next guest is Samantha a young woman a very devout Catholic, who had worked in a mission feeding the homeless and providing Sunday school lessons to the neighborhood children.  She finds herself in the Abbey, after her murder in the streets of Atlantic City, how she had arrived and the man that she met there were all mysteries she took to her grave.  She meets with Sister Grace the head abbess at the Abbey.

Yet another guest is Luther a man who had spent his lifetime as a Protestant minister whose life was spent denying himself various sentient pleasures.  His afterlife is spent trying to reach the middle path of which Buddhist Remi and Hindu Siva are trying to teach him.

These are just the beginning of the files that we have housed within the Abbey archives.  The various housekeeping angels and spirits as well as the caretaker tales are also included in this journal.