She is DYING, softly crying

For no one can hear her

It is EASIER to TURN a blind eye

Then to stop and ask why

When she tires of her weakened state

With words and emotions, she will RECIPROCATE

Her listeners will burn and yearn

For her more gentle SIDE to return

It is her FATE to respond with HATE

For she is dying, nothing left to lose

A pale sister glows up on the horizon

Once a power so divine

Revered by all

Man’s obsession with the possession of her bones

A shine, a glitter a myriad of stones

Has caused irreparable damage

Internal destruction

shows upon her face

Continual construction

Contributing to the DESTRUCTION

An incurable cancer

There is no remission

As early people felt her imminent death

Offered up permission to burrow

Deep within her heart still beats

-Raven Knightshade