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The following is a list of names of staff members who work within the afterlife institutions.  Their stories and biographical accounts will be encountered in multiple institutions including The Abbey.  A further description will be available in upcoming posts and novel releases.

Sister Grace – Head abbess
Rebecca – Reception
Maria – Head of Housekeeping
Marcus – Operations manager
Siva – Indian Holy Man
Deb – Nun, Catholic
Catelin – Archivist, administrative correspondent
Edward Moore – Minister, Baptist
Ocean – Meta-physician, new age spiritual guide
Dr. Baird – Voodoo doctor, priest and practitioner
Remi – Buddhist monk
Sallyn – Housekeeping demon overseer
Slurgh – Demon overseer
Marian/Marion – housekeeping demons

As their stories are uploaded, links will be developed here so that you can preview the tales within the afterlife institutions.  So check back!