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This is the summary of the tales you will find in the upcoming book Knightshade Manor.  This is the directory with little tastes of the tales and the characters you will encounter once you leave this world and decide to take up residence in the afterlife institution Knightshade Manor, a psychiatric hospital for the dead disguised as a turn of the century mansion functioning as a bed and breakfast.

Staff members

Manor Grounds: Aaron’s Pond

Aaron hosts a garden party with variant guests from various afterlife institutions, and while standing with his cousin, he sees a beautiful guest.

Manor Grounds: Coniferous Forest

Is a place where children and animals live and play.  Ariel and Dr. Geoffrey oversee Forest maintenance and occupant activities.  Ariel was a schoolteacher who upon death became a Banshee at the Manor and became responsible for leading wayfaring travelers through the forest to the Manor.  Dr. Geoffrey was an M.D. who was unable to save Ariel’s life nor the lives of several children within the isolated colonial town situated in the Midwest.

Bungalow 9

Jeffery is a young boy who was one of a set of twin boys aged 8, and a victim of the plane crash, which brings Marie and Claire to the Manor.  A set of Siamese twins, the two women had counseled several children at the Manor, preparing them for return to life, or transition to Kerringer’s Castle, a heaven for children.

Manor Grounds: Serendipity Pond

Sam was always afraid of the water, he never wanted to be near that water.  His brothers always teased him about it, and would often throw him into the pond in the backfield.  They thought it was hilarious.  Until the one day, he was grabbed by something under the surface, the boys watched as he shot above the surface screamed once, and was pulled underneath, a fountain of red splashed into the air.

Manor Grounds – Knightshade Depot

Jessica finds herself stationed behind the reservation counter of a train station that appeared as the result of a phenomenal train wreck which involved an automobile and a locomotive on it’s daily route between Los Angeles and San Diego, California.  As with all major disasters, the less morose and lively looking staff members are pulled to the front to handle the newly arrived guests.  Caroline Knightshade has arrived to the Manor, she has taken over as the administration at the Manor due to Simon’s departure to locate his father Octavius, it is her first day working within the Manor.

Manor Grounds: Desert Sands

Elixir of life

The revenge of a small village that was encountered Mr. Smith, who had installed a water drainage system…drawing their water from their village, the women of the village gather around him and the means of which the company appeases the locals.

Netherworld wanderings

Mike found himself walking in a barren landscape, the oranges and yellows formed a haze blinding him.  His throat was dry, more dry than he had ever remembered it being.  The dunes formed before him as he reached the top of one, another formed.  In the arid desert time stands still.