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Fifth Floor – Chaos reigns supreme

This Floor is dedicated to the individuals who committed crimes and atrocities against others, and it is in these corridors and meeting halls where the caregivers interact with the sociopaths who are forbidden access to their victims as they are still working through the illusions they held onto after death, and the illusions brought forth by their caregivers to inspire them to move onto the next destination beyond the afterlife institutions. There are more rooms on this floor, that are being held for special guests, one’s who have left such a wide swath of victims in their wake that these residences tend to be filled for extended lengths of time beyond that of the usual guest.

Room 501

Arnold, a serial killer who preyed on young boys and is a favorite of Kevin to interrogate, Louis of course loves to assist. His victims are all housed in Room 301a – af.

Room 509

Eric, a troubled young man who began a short lived career in murder, killing six young college girls, he wasn’t contracted or encouraged to take up this profession, he did it out of morbid curiosity.  It was the only way that he could satisfy his inner desires for the women of whom he made daily contact.  Before the mortal authorities were able to put an end to his exploits; it was the first night that he was incarcerated that the desires within developed their own voice and forced him to kill one more time.  The guard heard him arguing aloud with his mental tormentor and when the young man tied a rope from the cell ceiling, a rope with which to silence the voices within his head, the guard failed to stop him.  As a result of his deeds and premature death, he found himself residing on the fifth floor of Knightshade Manor.