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This dear readers, is a glimpse of the first floor of the Manor, these short paragraphs outline the hospital often referred to as a hotel for the benefit of maintaining the illusion of our guests. Please read my introductory letters for each volume for further information.  Which leads me to the next concern, some of these tales are dispersed in various volumes that were released periodically in 2005.  As a result, I have kept the references to which volumes they can be found, as many of you may already possess copies of the fanzine and not to disappoint, but the tales in the book are richer in detail and more graphic in their portrayals of what transpired within each room.

First Floor

An introduction to the hotel, its staff and tenants; the hotel is quartered into sections and each floor consists of four sections that are portioned off from one another, according to the disorders of the guests.  The only exception to this rule is the first floor where the caretakers and housekeeping staff reside.  There is the entry hall where the reservations desk is located; this is the only portion of the floor that is open to the guests.  Most of the interview sessions that occur between guest and caretaker occur in their room.

Within each of the staff member’s quarters are a sleeping chamber, a private bath, a sitting room, an office and whatever else they may desire.  As each staff member is eclectic in his or her own way, each quarter is completely unique, including the structure and furnishings.  Each chapter that contains a scenario where you the reader are invited to listen in on a conversation deemed appropriate for the public, take notes for you may need to know this staff on a more intimate basis at a future date.

As it is a rare occurrence any of the outbreaks amongst the Staff and the Marians that file is primarily included in the first floor documentation.  However the most recent strike involved releasing the residents of the fifth floor into the rest of the Manor.

Aaron’s quarters

Aaron takes a stroll through the unused corridors of the fourth floor, where he encounters a homeless alcoholic, four made men watching their bank robbery, and takes a stroll into Atrium West to commence interaction with the inhabitants whose tale is continued in the file Fourth Floor Atrium West.

Ariel’s quarters

A Banshee born of the Irish countryside in a time where fairies were alive and active amongst the human residents. Where the residents heeded wee folkes and the voice of the wind that often warned of danger.  Her inability to bear children in life, led her to being a caretaker of animals wild and domestic species and was trained as a schoolteacher.  In her afterlife, she tends to these same beasts or their kin as well as watching the children who may wander into her forest.

Caroline’s quarters

An introduction to the current wife of Simon Knightshade.  She is no longer in love with Simon but as they are bound to one another for spiritual reasons, she still resides within that Manor, for she is the mind and creative force that binds the staff and guests to the Manor.

Clara & Marie  Office Space

The Siamese Twins psychologists have an office within the Manor of which they utilize when children arrive to the Manor to ascertain whether they are to return to life, or continue onto Kerringer Castle. A brief introduction to these amazingly patient staff members.

Dena’s quarters

A brief introduction to the eldest of the current generation of Knightshades.  She is the wisest thus the least tolerant of the indiscretions of her family members nor the guests.  A private person, she often finds that she inadvertently discovers all of the secrets held within the Manor.  Her stoic mannerisms are the only means she can maintain to avoid being assigned family drama which is above and beyond what she desires.  She deals with Marion’s cleaning around the living, and another dissention amongst the demonic staff, as the amount of guests have increased, and they desire to import more cousins, hiring of the damned.

Dr. Geoffrey Shaw M.D. Pediatrics’ Office

As with the other Staff Members who work at the Manor and reside elsewhere, he has an office set up with the variant tools, supplies and machines that span the centuries and adapt to the needs and illusions of the current guest.

Jessica’s quarters

A brief introduction to Jessica, a new arrival to the Manor.  Her recent death allows for her to still look like one of the living and as a result she is one of the first staff members most guests interact with upon reaching the Manor. A meeting with her cousins, and her first impressions of the Manor are shared in this short description.
Jessica’s Chamber and Lobby

As the sun set Jessica is summoned to assist with the guests that just crashed into the afterlife and realm of Knightshade Manor.  After receiving orders from Dena, and is informed that she is to welcome new staff as well as several new cases; she is properly introduced, as she invites in new staff members, to assist with the temporary overload of cases, along with her Siamese twin.  Two other male Knightshades also arrive, with the intention of a temporary visit, of course it develops into an extended stay for all concerned.

Kevin’s quarters

A brief introduction into the chambers of preferences of Kevin Knightshade a cousin of the siblings that reside within the Manor. His afterlife is spent mostly on the roads seeking renegade spirits who are avoiding their final destination.  Many of his tales can be found in the upcoming book Dark Highways.

Louis’ quarters

A brief introduction into the life and chambers of newly arrived Louis, whose focus is working with guests who were the victims of the renegade spirits who afterlife cause further destruction once they are no longer trapped in a physical body.  However, they reek havoc on the lives of those who they harmed in life, until they are caught by the trio of Bounty Hunters.  Like his brother, Kevin, many of his tales also can be found in the upcoming book Dark Highways.

Marion or Mary quarters

This is an area in the Manor that houses the housekeeping demons and porters found throughout the afterlife institutions. A short story concerning the daily lives of a few members of this elite housekeeping service.

Raven’s Quarters

Having recently returned to the Manor after several months in the field; she has interacted with several patrons and donors of the Manor.  Her primary goal was to steer the living away from the Manor, and even visited other sites that would provide better accommodations for some of the living who have chosen to leave their lives at an inopportune time.  She has returned to the files, and as before, is clearing out the patients and their misfortunes as quickly as possible, for more guests are arriving each night.  My primary goal was to interact and interview potential guests as a means of convincing our patrons that the Manor provided specific services and that their financial contributions were indeed utilized to their fullest potential.  My personal primary goal was to seek out the competition and determine if perhaps our guests would be provided better accommodations for some of the living who might be erroneously placed in our care.

Simon’s Quarters Volume 1

This is an introduction to Simon, the current owner of the Manor and his son Aaron, a typical evening for the undead caregivers housed within a psychiatric hospital.

Simon’s Quarters Volume 3

This is the beginning of a tale of a meeting between Simon and Dena, and the delegation of responsibilities.  The main characters are Dena and Simon.  She has asked him to check in on one of their oldest inhabitants, someone he is familiar with due to his personal experience with the Moche.  Their choice of worship led a few of the sacrificed to the Manor.  One of the priests, finds himself linked to his victims, and is brought to the brink of madness each night.  This tale is continued as Room 337.

Simon’s Chambers Volume 6

This is an introduction to Kevin Knightshade who meets with Simon; Simon has a vision, with the following symbols.  Castle, guard forced to watch a young Simon, high-pitched tones a staircase, rusted chains, torture chamber
Slurgh’s domain

The Head Demon who oversees all of the Marions and Marians that work within all of the afterlife institutions. He acts as a liasion between the staff and the demons.

Banquet room

Dena meets with Louis, discusses his responsibilities.

Kitchen/Dining Hall

The demons revolt, causing the usual uproar.  This sets the staff on edge, Dena handles and after awhile, so does Simon.

Dining Hall

Slurgh offers new twist about the demonic investigation on meat market.

Lobby, First Floor Halls, Gardens

A plane crashes, bringing several guests to the manor. Volume 3 is where a majority of these tales can be found.