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Fourth Floor – Illusions Dance
This floor is dedicated to the delusional, confused, frustrated, and euphoric guests who maintain the illusion of their lives to such an extreme that other spirits are not able to function within their domain.  The except of course, are the caregivers who can dwell within any aspect of the afterlife institutions.

Fourth floor Atrium West

An early American town inhabited by guests that lived in the same town, and due to their illusions, have envisioned their afterlife to be in the same town.  They kept a secret.

Fourth floor Atrium East

A medieval town within the valley of the Carpathian Mountains, highly suspicious and superstitious, their afterlife consisted of battling these fears.  Vampires, werewolves, mischievous imps, and variant forms of malevolent beings coexisted within the village.
Room 401

A bored working class woman, unhappily married, mother of two sons, frustration at not getting what she wanted to out of life, she creates a new life for herself within the Manor after dying in the plane crash.  It is up to her caregiver to remind her that she lived the life she truly did.  She is the first guest to be placed on the newly built fourth floor of the Manor.  Debbie desires a new life, and through death, gets it.

Room 402

An author from the past who finds herself in the future via a time machine, leaving her life to find herself in the future.  Her Victorian background and attire is confused by the museum patrons wherein she steps out of the time machine newly brought forth in a transportation exhibit.

Room 403

Martin transgender male who dressed up as a female and worked for tricks at night.  While convincing his family and friends that he was working as a security guard at multiple sites, so that he could never tell them where he might be during the night.

Room 404

Cody is a young man who is obsessed with sex and the opposing gender.  He had several woman on the line, or so he thought.  He was delusional as to his own abilities to attract females.  It was this illusion that brought him to the fourth floor, as none of his females had died nor had he as a result of heartbreak.  He had found himself caught up in the pimp lifestyle, which led to his death.
Room 405

Omar is a Hispanic man who lived in a world of illusions.  His delusions included his attractiveness to the opposite sex, his machismo attitude towards all females, and his value within his social community.  His misplacement on the values in life, led him down a dark path.
Room 406

Celia is a Hispanic woman who also lived in a world of illusions, she was one of the females that had interacted with Omar in the chamber next door.  Her manipulative ways led her to conceive a child with him.  Her ability to turn a blind eye on the faults of Omar, as well as the faults of her other children, who were prostituting, drug dealing, killing, stealing cars and stealing other’s personal possessions.  As for her purpose of residing on the fourth floor.; she needed afterlife lessons for her as well as the man that she refused to lose even after death.  Her suicide should have brought her to the Bus Stop 5 where she would ride for an eternity.  However she had somehow exited the bus and acquired the room exactly across from her man, to his disappointment.

Room 407

Veronica was an anxiety psychological patient who missed out on life.  Her obsession with herself closed her off from multiple opportunities and relationships.

Room 408

Aaron a young man in his twenties had spent most of his adult life learning how to meditate, working towards an acupuncturist doctorate.  He worked for several charitable organizations.  He had an illusion of reaching enlightenment.  However, he didn’t realize that enlightenment was quite further away than he expected.  His personal attachment to material possessions and pleasures of the flesh were continuous challenges.  He arrived at the Manor after a long bout with AIDS acquired during one of his sessions of acupuncture.  The man in response to bronchial pain had coughed into Aaron’s face and eyes.  It is in Caroline’s hope that he is able to recover and apply at Browning Memorial Hospital, as he was a proficient acupuncturist.

Room 433

Two elderly people – lives (experience of old age and death) and not ready to leave their perfect contentment of their previous life.