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Third Floor – Innocence Lost

The guests who reside on this floor, have been eternally changed, for better of worse, they have grown.

Room 301 Meeting Hall

The 31 victims of JWG were all young boys who were lured into working for JWG.  He would murder them, one by one, and leave the bodies around the house as a waxworks display.  He was a socialite still even in the afterlife.  This file is covered in Room 509 and Room 301a-ag.

Room 301a: Alex

Room 301b: Allen

Room 301c: Brian

Room 301d: Bobby

Room 301e: Justin

Room 301f: Jason

Room 301g: George

Room 301h: Jefferey

Room 301i: Dustin

Room 301j: Adam

Room 301k: Nick

Room 301l: James

Room 301m: David

Room 301n: Lance

Room 301o: Kevin

Room 301p: Calvin

Room 301q: John

Room 301r: Mick

Room 301s: Ryan

Room 301t: Stephen

Room 301u: Kelvin

Room 301v: Peter

Room 301w: Willy

Room 301x: Raymond

Room 301y: Lonny

Room 301z: Brent

Room 301aa: Charlie

Room 301ab: Tyler

Room 301ac: Chris

Room 301ad: Eddie

Room 301ae: Isaac

Room 301af: Terry

Room 301 ag: Jose

Room 302 Meeting Hall

The seven victims of Eric are encountered by Louis, who travels to each of their chambers to meet each of them.  Dena suggests a group therapy session but Louis preferred to work with each individual on a one-to-one basis.  They all gather and find that they have more in common than just being murdered by the same killer.  Due to the volume of victims that serial killers often incur, the meeting hall is segmented into on main foyer and meeting room with doors labeled by letters to partition of to the guests in this case, the victims occupied rooms 302A-302G.


Room 302A: Claire, Eric’s first victim

Room 302B: Lisa, Eric’s second victim

Room 302C: Nina, Eric’s third victim

Room 302D: Megan, Eric’s fourth victim

Room 302E: Shannon, Eric’s fifth victim

Room 302F: Karen, Eric’s sixth victim

Room 302G: Jen, Eric’s final and only surviving victim

Room 308

A man who after losing all that he has finds meaning.  Aaron was the caretaker on this particular case; he was laying on the chaise lounge in his room.  His was set up as a gentleman’s lounge.  Aaron likes to visit with this guest as he could smoke the finest cigars, and admire the various artwork surrounded by fine oak paneling.  It reminded him of the olden libraries where gentlemen of old would gather and have a brandy discussing worldly matters.  All of the comments and notations made by Aaron are italicized so that he can keep track of the interactions with this long-winded guest.

Room 315

A southern boy gets himself into a bit of trouble, as she slides into his car, to take him to the edge, his choices are what may bring him back.  According to the narration of this particular guest, I choose to write it in the format that he presented his tale.  Ms. Trouble had typed in this introduction using text messaging as she straightened her red leather miniskirt, and turned her hip out to revealing light white thigh, virgin flesh.  She finished the text message just in time to wave down yet another unsuspecting lonely young man.  She and her kin had brought us many guests over the centuries, they had started out dressed as young noblewomen or men, waving down horse riders or stagecoaches, and as each generation had changed their style so had these demons, which for lack of a better name were surnamed Trouble.

Room 317

Jean – a guest who during her life was a sadistic woman who worked as a park ranger, who is abandoned by her crew and left to wander the forest.

Room 318 part I

A young male college student whose life was quite uneventful until he entered college, he never got the chance to graduate due to his mistaken eavesdropping on some shady administrators within the university.  He was murdered, for information that he knew regarding scientific testing within the Psychology department, in accordance with the zoology department.

Room 318 part II

Laurie – with her live-in (dead-in) spirit Stephen who was an excellent photographer, This one is for all of those ghost hunters who photograph orbs… perhaps they are taking pictures of you and what the result is a flash from their camera, and not dust particles.

Room 325

Little Girl Lost.  Becca had always been a quiet little girl, but it didn’t matter to her alcoholic father who was convinced she was the product of her mother’s adulterous nature.  He went on a drinking binge one night, and killed them both.  A story of a little girl, whose experience is immortalized in the lyrics of Pandora’s Baux’s Little Girl Lost.

Room 331

A story of two children; falling down the stairs of their family home.  The brother and sister were quite close, and it was one day they were walking to the downstairs.  The boy slipped and fell his sister watched him fall and as he died, she held his hand.

Room 337

The Moche were a prehistoric culture.  Their choice of worship led a few of the sacrificed to the Manor.  One of the priests, finds himself linked to his victims, and is brought to the brink of madness repeatedly.