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The Abbey is the third book in the series of Afterlife Institutions.  First is Knightshade Manor, Second is Dark Highways, Third is The Abbey, Fourth is Browning Memorial Hospital, Fifth is Howard Place and more to be announced!

The following is a letter written by Catelin.  After which is a short directory to help one travel through the Abbey and arrive at their preferred destination.  And a Staff directory.

An Afterlife Institution that houses spirits whose lives were focused on religion in any of its myriad forms.

A large gray cathedral with out buildings enclosed in a grey brick walled enclosure.

Austere, large hallways.

Introductory Letter


I am Catelin, this is an introduction to one of the afterlife institutions, identified as the Abbey. As with all afterlife institutions, the living are invited to read the files and narrations of the guests and caretakers who reside within these hallowed walls. The Abbey houses those spirits who actively sought recognition and understanding of their lives after death. Each guest has a specific reason for being housed at the Abbey rather than one of the other afterlife institutions.

The staff can be very accommodating and are always available to hear your woes. All religions are represented here, for those who are too self-involved to acknowledge others. They are housed on various floors within the Abbey. Exterior is a grand cathedral, a mosque, a pyramid or whatever preferred architecture the guest can illusion.

The mission statement of the Abbey, is that each individual is allowed to live, regardless of form, design or function. It is within their rights as souls to live, (excuse the pun) or die as they please. The actions and decisions they made to achieve their current existense is reflected in their dreams, all of which can be observed by their caretakers and staff. As these guests have already been screened through Knightshade Manor and Howard Place. They are not often ready to return to the physical realm, excluding those who believe in reincarnation.

A majority of the guests at the Abbey continue on to their personal interpretation of the afterlife. It is through life reviews that they determine they have learned all that they are able to and are no longer to learn more in that form.

The Abbey staff are accustomed to long spans of time, they have all the patience in the universe. Once a spirit dies and evolves to their own afterlife they leave the Abbey and never return to the physical world or to any of the afterlife institutions.

In following with the procedures of the Afterlife Institutions; I have been assigned the task of writing a monthly compilation of tales derived from the files held within our organization. This monthly journal is intended to be read by the living. Of course, certain caretakers at the other afterlife institutions have an interest in reading and contributing articles to the journal. The journal will consist of notes compiled by the caretakers while observing and interviewing the guests. The experiences of the staff and events within the facilities will also be written within the journal.

As you read these tales, first of all be entertained. Secondly, be forewarned for within these pages you are being allowed a glimpse into the afterlife. Perhaps you can avoid some of the mistakes our residents have made and you can avoid coming to the Abbey!




Abbey’s Structure 




Meditations Center




Staff of The Abbey

Sister Grace – she is the Abbess and takes her job quite seriously.

Rebecca – she is a Catholic nun, who is middle-aged and quite content with the path God has chosen for her.

Maria – is a devout Catholic woman, who spent her life memorizing the Saints and their virtues, while preparing for all the vices that man can offer.

Marcus – is a shaman of the Amazonian rain forest and is affluent in the ways of man and his connectedness to his environment.

Siva – is a Hindu man, who’s life path required that he take the path of least resistance which led to his demise, an affect of which he is more assertive and blends the lines between caste rankings as he sees the situation calls for.

Deb – a witch in the sense of the old wise one, she is versatile in all the gifts bestowed upon her by Aradia as well as the skills she has developed on her own,

Catelin – keeper of the files, and administrative support how corresponds with members from all the afterlife institutions to direct the flow of guests interchanges among the institutions.

Edward Moore – Baptist Minister, who still devoutly believes in the need to cleanse ones souls to prevent their descent into hell.

Ocean – is a new age practioner skilled in all that the new age movement has brought forth, she is often a liasion between the various other staff at the Abbey.

Dr. Baird – Voodoo doctor, who specializes in life review and cleansing of one’s souls before the transgression or transformation of the spirits affected by Voodoo during their lifetime.

Remi – is a Buddhist monk who spent so much time focused on the four tragedies of life that he wasn’t prepared for the afterlife, as a result, he often gets to interact with guests who are often questioning the validity of life or an afterlife.

Sallyn – Head of housekeeping demons, she keeps her own counsel.

Slurgh – primary demon, he supervises all of the demon workers within the manor. He is an excellent resource for occurrences in the demon world as he is neutral due to an indiscretion within the demonic world and he holds multiple alliances, as true to his nature, it is all about self-preservation.

Dr. Geoffery Shaw M.D. Pediatrics – he was a doctor in a small town in Colonial America, and it was through his negligence that several of the townspeople died from smallpox. He spent the first several years here trying to repay the victims of his practice. He soon became responsible for every child, because he refused to assist in the afterlife; Simon decreed that he would have to assist with every child who arrived to the Manor.

Marion or Marian – housekeeping demons that assume the domestic duties and grounds upkeep of the Manor. They were the only type of help that would stay at the Manor. Since demons take on so many forms, and since gender was sometimes difficult they were all called Marion or Mary. It is a name that they prefer, as the demons are myriad so are the tenants that inhabit or are employed at the Manor.

Cases within the Abbey

Dr. Baird – Voodoo practitioner in life, and a breaker of curses in the afterlife. The Shark Kingdom, wherein Dr. Baird has a discussion and life review with a surfer whose demise is triggered by an encounter with a Voodoo priestess who he insults while browsing through her store. 

Charles – An English boy who grew up in India during its early occupation, and learns the magic that cannot be suppressed by an invading country.