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Aaron Knightshade

Institutions wherein his tales may be located: The Abbey, Dark Highways, Knightshade Manor, Salisbury Town, Yarborough Station, Browning Memorial Hospital

His personality is in many ways he is like his father, intelligent, arrogant, lack of in interest in petty annoyances, flaky. Loves the limelight, high social status, passionate. Tarot Card representative Prince of Cups. Sleeps in a coffin.

His physical description: Black hair with red highlights, light brown eyes which darken with his mood, goatee, pale skin, he has a medium to strong build, stands at 6’0” and possesses a swimmer’s physique.

background: he is a vampire, one of the undead caregivers who resides in Knightshade Manor. He served in the military for several years and had fought in several battles in eastern Europe where he had lived and died. Died of several shotgun wounds, bullets i.e. lead poisoning,

Stories contained in Knightshade Manor: Aaron’s pond, Knightshade Manor, Aaron’s Quarters

Early introduction to this man was in 2005 to supplement the Volumes within which his role is dominant. Aaron is one of the sons of Simon, like father like son, he has a desire to be in the limelight,even in death. A slight problem due to the fact that his physical condition causes, daylight to not be an option, he remedies this by living the night life every night for the last three centuries that he has existed as a vampire. He is a younger version of his father, although he was more passionate and quite aware of his social status. His attraction to both sexes enables him to develop heated relationships, and the pursuit of a possible lover often entertains him.

Aaron is one of the elder male cousins of the current Knightshade generation. His mother is unknown, Caroline is his stepmother. His father is Simon. He is the second son of the founder of Knightshade Manor. His cousins are Albert, Jessica, Dena, Raven and others who can be found at the various afterlife institutions.  He is very much like his father, sharing features, personality traits and attitude towards the guests and family members. Often taking on the role of guardian of the Manor in his father’s absence, his sense of the mundane and extraordinary causes him to seek otherworldly distractions.

During his lifetime, Aaron was a soldier, and served in multiple battles connected with a long-standing war throughout Europe. He died as a result of what he refers to as lead-poisoning. Riddled with bullets, as he began to faint from the loss of blood, his dead father appeared in his visage and smiled.

Aaron then awoke in a hospital bed at Browning Memorial Hospital bed where he spent a few weeks recuperating. This particular tale can be found in Browning Memorial Hospital a future novel of the Afterlife Institution series being compiled by Raven Knightshade, and her counterparts in all of the afterlife institutions. When he decided he was tired of the nursing staff, and containment within the bed, he true to his nature, appeared at the Manor completely healed from his physical wounds, It was the spiritual and psychological wounds that kept at the Manor for multiple decades.

During his lifetime, he had never attempted to learn anything above and beyond what he needed to know to get by in life. Whenever he saw an opportunity, he chose to learn as much as he could to be viewed as an expert hence enabling him to move in specific academic circles when the need arose. As he spent time with his family and the guests at the Manor, he picked up little bits of knowledge and information about the living world and it’s developments, relying on his charm to flatter and woo individual spirits as they captured his imagination.
His role as caregiver at the Manor began once he was finished with his own healing process. He chose to take on the characteristics of a vampire, as he enjoyed the connection it made between himself and his wards. The psychic connection that all caregivers shared was easily developed by him as he was as stated previously, his father’s son. Although, he did not have concern as to how others conducted their afterlife review.

His life in the military allowed him access to certain pleasures of which he continued to covet in the afterlife.  He and his cousin Alfred would often met for a late evening drink and a smoke to discuss various subjects of interest. Grim humor and knowledge of the limits of human and spiritual endurance and enthusiasm lead to rousing discussions on the top floor of Browning Memorial Hospital.

One of his life pleasures included swimming in several rivers and lakes while not actively engaged in combat, as a result he had developed a swimmer’s build. He favored cinnamon spiced liquors and smoked infrequently
His presence is barely discernible when he chooses, often poised in a position where he can observe others, his watchful and amused expression masking a lack of tolerance of the frivolities of humankind.
His voice was low and hypnotic, and would crescendo until a loud demanding shout when his ire was stimulated.

A seduction artist in the afterlife, as he was in life. The numerous paramours he actively pursues when not busy with his caretaker duties. He finds lovers easily, though his appetites were voracious. He rarely pursued anyone for any significant length of time. He has a crush on Raven. The three of them were inseparable. They attended many events together, like in the tale Serendipity Pond in Knightshade Manor Volume I.
His father Simon had an affair with Ocean who resides in the Abbey, and Aaron was born of their union. He rarely interacts with his mother as her spiritual ideas remind him that his ways were not always the most pure in thought or action.

Although they have their differences, he loves his mother and often teases her as to her spiritual ideals and his willingness to bend every universal law for his own amusement. Aligned with his father’s goal of acquiring renegade spirits who are avoiding their arrival to the Manor, Aaron can be found by his father’s side. . He often wears leather and jeans while in the field as the spiritual bounty hunters, Simon, Aaron, and Kevin Knightshade tended to dress as seasoned bikers riding top-of-the-line motorcycles as they pursued their prey. His role as caretaker at the Manor and liaison for the afterlife institutions.

Within Kerringer Castle, Aaron would interact with the children of his clients who resided in Knightshade Manor, it enabled him to develop a comprehensive understanding of his guests who in the course of their death had lost connection with their children. The staff from Kerringer Castle would visit Knightshade Manor to gain a comprehensive understanding of the parents of the guests that played within the castle. Learning the routines and comforting ways of their parents allowed the caretakers to assume the roles of support to ease the transition from life.
As a bounty hunter, when they encountered a guest who needed hospitalization in the afterlife, he often found himself at the ER section of Browning Memorial Hospital.

If any of his guests were convicts in their life, they found themselves being transported directly to Justice Hall. For, as the agreement with Justice Hall states, anyone whose life consisted of supporting or breaking the law of the living would reside in Justice Hall. The only variant to this ruling is in the case of “physical” injury where the guest was taken to Browning Memorial Hospital first, wherein his cousin Alfred worked exclusively with Chief Justice Jarod in transporting criminals back and forth between their institutions as if a spirit imagined an injury, they would be sent to the hospital via ambulance and healed. After which, they would be returned back to the prison.
Aaron would travel to Salisbury Town often after a stint of time on the road in the living world. It helped to align his sense of beauty and calm after dealing with the most evil of spirits. Aaron would send a telepathic message to Alfred and Raven to invite them for an outdoor event or cultural fair being held within the town.

At the Abbey, Aaron would visit with Dr. Baird, to study voodooism to prepare for some of the spirits he would encounter in the field. His knowledge in the arcane was fueled by lessons and viewings of guests under trance or ecstasy while performing ritual. His mother Ocean would teach him the ways of spirituality and dancing in the light patterns of which she had developed in her lifetime. Her pale skin, and red flaming hair, indicating her otherworldly birthright. While she worked at The Abbey, she resides in Paranormal Palace.

Aaron frequents the ethereal halls of Paranormal Palace quite frequently, as he has several friends and charges that he had formed a particular attachment and interest in his 300 years of afterlife. The residents of Paranormal Palace have a difficult time maintaining solidity at times or even believe-ability, it take a very strong mind to handle the onslaught of mayhem and confusion of half-formed species and hybrid monsters who are also experiencing the shock of residing within an afterlife institution. A disconcerting element of the Palace is that the living can also appear in it’s grandiose halls. Psychics from the living world are able to walk within the grounds and halls of Paranormal Palace, concerned with this phenomena, as this gives the living a glimpse of the afterlife, however, what they see are non-human guests.  Aaron is familiar with a few of the psychics who have frequented the Palace and he often uses their resources when he is in the living world to trace renegade spirits.

As stated previously, Aaron served as a military man most of his life.  The fighting style of Eastern Europe and the  Northern Isles were his training during life.  He was adept at close hand-to-hand combat, as well as with a sword, and ax. As he had been in multiple battles, he couldn’t give a clear account of the number of kills he had acquired.

As is the case with every soul that had spent a lifetime in the services of the military, regardless of country, century, or method of death, they were welcomed to Yarborough Station. Aaron had a home located near the barracks due to his rank as an officer. As well as being skilled in manifesting what he desired, he had ensured his own house on the base. A place of refuge from the Manor and his family members, he would often reside within the familiar confines of the base offering his talents and training to the incoming troops as he saw fit. Due to respect to his ranking within the Afterlife Institutions, the other personnel adhered to his demands.

In conclusion, Aaron is the next to inherit Knightshade Manor, once Simon decides to retire and move on to his next lifetime. One to be cautious about the amount of responsibilities placed upon his shoulders, he is constantly testing his cousins and colleagues as to their abilities to assist in the upcoming years wherein he will be the overseer of all of the Institutions set forth in the original agreements developed by the founders of the afterlife institutions. Aaron is the obvious chose to run the Manor, as he is the one who genuinely cares about the patients and direction in which the institutions are headed in the centuries to come.