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Alfred Knightshade

Alfred is one of the elder males of the current Knightshade generation. His mother is Caroline Browning and his father is Justin Knightshade. His uncle is Simon Knightshade and his cousin is Aaron Knightshade and sister is Dena Knightshade. While his cousins are Jessica Knightshade, Raven Knightshade, Kevin Knightshade, Louis Knightshade and others who can be found at the various afterlife institutions. Few of the younger Knightshades know much about Justin as no one speaks of him. The dispute between Simon and Justin reaches far back in time to their lifetimes and no one is certain as to when that really was. It is understood that the dispute arises from several slights and a true reconciliation will never come to bear, because neither will rescind their opinion.

During his lifetime, Alfred was an accomplished renaissance man who admired and pursued the study of art, music, science, languages and medicine. Born in the second half of the 19th century in London, England he maintained the mannerisms and speech that was the mark of a member of high society during that auspicious time. His boyhood had been filled with opportunities to exercise his intellect and revel in the possibilities of invention and alternative lifestyles. At the tender age of 22, he earned his doctorate in Medical Science with a specialty in neurological science. During the course of his lifetime, he allied himself with the biological school of psychology and mentored several up and coming psychologists and became an accomplished surgeon, who participated in several breakthroughs in the fields of surgery and neurology. A patron of the arts, he preferred to visit Salisbury Town during his free time. Many of the local artists and art galleries were the beneficiaries of his expertise and generous donations.

His role as Chief of Staff of the hospital was one that he coveted and focused all of his professional expertise to form the idealistic illusion required for the patients housed in this afterlife institution.  Although, as to his ethics and methodologies he was deeply interested in working with patients, and conducting groundbreaking surgical procedures of which were too advanced when he was alive. His support staff who included his general manager Jonathan Carter were all too eager to fulfill the administrative requirements while allowing their jovial superior bring the hospital to prestige and recognition among the afterlife institutions.

Alfred as with most of the men of his family tended to be opinionated, well-educated and would often argue an issue to the point of exhaustion. Many evenings of debate and conversation were spent with a few select colleagues in his personal study on the top floor of the hospital, where his personal quarters were located. His colleagues and friends would gather in his study, the dark wooden walls lined with bookshelves holding all texts that he had collected during his lifetime. A fire often crackled in the fireplace illuminating the leather couches and tables upon which glasses partially filled with the finest whiskey and bourbon available in the afterlife.

Being a man of science and medicine, he had maintained his body in superior physical condition. Preferring to workout each morning with a 5 mile run during which he clears his mind of the ample liquor consumed the night before and assessing the upcoming days events.

His build was athletic as he pursued sports and games at every opportunity. He favored cognac and cigars intermingled with expensive cologne with a faint hint of musk. A purveyor of the fine things, his brown eyes surveying the room of which he had recently entered. His skin ruddy from his life of excess. His brown hair finely trimmed with a purposeful dishevelment.

He tends to shift his weight from foot to foot as he stood. When he was hosting an event or conducting a meeting, he gave the sense of a large beast about to pounce. His aggressive personality required that he hold everyone in suspicion until they proved otherwise. His expensive cologne was derived from oils he had discovered while on holiday in the Orient. His love of fine cigars led to an endless pursuit of experiencing all varieties from the past, present and future. He often sent liaisons to the living world to expand and maintain his collection of cigars, liquor and foods.
His deep baritone was music to one’s ears. He preferred to whisper to his family and friends. However, when excited or angry when dealing with insubordinate staff his voice could be heard throughout the corridors.
He does possess sex appeal, regardless of his larger than life height and weight. His pursuit of lovers is continuous as he finds lovers easily. Admittedly his appetites were and continued to be voracious. He rarely pursued anyone for any significant length of time, his charming guile and intellectual wit seduced many and he rarely slept alone. Bisexual, he found attraction in men and women, and extending from his first encounter in the afterlife with Raven, he desired her perpetually.. The sexual tension added to their amusement and relationship, neither were really inclined to push forth and become lovers. Their friendship went beyond lust and momentary satisfaction, their love was eternal and had no time limitation. The three Knightshades were often seen together as they attended many events together, like in the tale Aaron’s Pond.

As stated previously, Alfred had been a medical doctor in life, as well as an accomplished surgeon. However, as with everyone who resides or works within an afterlife institution, Alfred has a dark past and had committed wrongs in his life. In his case, he had several patients die or develop diseases because of negligence. Imitating a few of his colleagues and mentors, he had regrettably conducted several procedures while intoxicated. His drugs of choice were alcohol and cocaine which he believed aided in mental acuity and alertness. The inevitable joke “what happened to my watch,” joke can be traced historically to an actual mistake Alfred had made while performing a surgical procedure during his life.

His mother Caroline Browning was the heir to the hospital, she deeply trusted her son’s expertise. As with most mother’s she overlooked mistakes in the past and championed him actions in the hospital to any doubters. With the Knightshades, she was more assertive as he is the love child of Caroline and her brother-in-law, Justin; Alfred he had never been accepted by her husband Simon, hence he avoided going to Knightshade Manor as often as possible. However, his administrative duties required that he attend meetings called by the staff in which they discussed the guests that would be transferring to the Hospital. His interactions with the staff at Knightshade Manor can be read in the Saloon chapters.

Alfred adores his mother, and loves working in the environment of which he is accustomed. Often, he once again operated on those patients that he had killed while that patient came to terms with their death. He experiences no remorse as he went through the actions that led up to the deaths of his patients. Part of the reason he stills works as a surgeon. His role as manager of the hospital requires a frequent interaction with administration from the various afterlife institutions.

Within Kerringer Castle, Alfred worked with Marina Kerringer when a pediatric patient was ready for release from Browning Memorial Hospital to the afterlife playground Kerringer Castle, where all one’s childhood dreams come true. The staff from Kerringer Castle would visit the Hospital to determine whether the children were ready to leave. Ariel would take them through the forest and play games while introducing them to the other residents of Kerringer Castle. Claire and Marie would observe as their counselors to determine their transitions to another afterlife institution or return to the living. The twins would accompany the children to the castle or to the world of the living to show them where they could spend their afterlife.

As per agreement with the afterlife institution, Knightshade Manor, the caregivers, Aaron, and Dena would periodically visit the Hospital to determine whether any of the patients would be checking into the Manor after they had healed from their injuries.

The agreement with Justice Hall were that anyone whose life consisted of supporting or breaking the law of the living would eventually reside in Justice Hall. Alfred worked exclusively with Chief Justice Jarod in transporting criminals back and forth between their institutions as if a spirit imagined an injury, they would be sent to the hospital via ambulance and healed. After which, they would be returned back to the prison.

Alfred spent much of his leisure time as a supporter of the Arts, his favorite citizen was Claude.  He often purchased artwork from the local artists to display in the corridors of the hospital. As well as keeping with lifetime passion of artistic support by attending gallery openings and open air markets one of which is alluded to in the short tale Aaron’s Pond.

At the Abbey, Alfred worked with Sister Grace, although they have an agreed upon mutual hatred.  He preferred to meet with Ocean, as she was more eclectic and fitting to his tastes. He had an off and on again relationship with Ocean and her spiritual and hippy ways allowed for his infidelity and allowed for stability when he sought it.

At Paranormal Palace, his interactions with the various non-human creatures that reside happily within that domain are limited to those who have contact with his patients and employees.  He has never had need to travel to that location, as they all are welcome to enter the hospital as any sightings will be construed as a hallucination and a bad reaction to medication per the patient that mistakenly views one of the creatures traversing the halls.

At Yarborough Station, his work consists of interacting with patients and military personnel who have been injured in the act of duty. They often find themselves at Browning Memorial Hospital upon their deaths as their memories consist of their bodies being injured but not of their deaths as their deaths often happened faster than their brains were able to register the fear or pain surrounding their death. It is upon their healing process and completion of the repair of their bodies the individuals who decide to return to military duty are transferred to the Station. The commanding officers and higher-ranking personnel often appear and ride with the patient back to the compound and prepare them for reintegration into military life or in this case death.

Alfred Knightshade is one of the main characters in Browning Memorial Hospital hence his tales will be found predominately in that afterlife institution.

In conclusion, Alfred has been one of the caretakers of the disenfranchised dead for well over a century and his hospital is in the best condition it has ever been since hospitals began and the dying sought a reflection in the afterlife that eased their transition into the afterlife. The facility is of the highest standards and development of innovative procedures to parallel what is happening in the living world to maintain the illusion required to exist in the afterlife institution of Browning Memorial Hospital.