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A Banshee who resides within the caretakers cabin on the edge of the forest, it enables her to keep an eye on the creatures within the forest, as well as the temporary bungalows for the arriving children.  She spends part of her time at the Manor, at Kerringer Castle, and the rest of her time guiding or losing souls through the fens of Northern Europe.

Her family had all gone on to their next lifetime, her memories of lives spent with the kindred spirits of whom she called brother were many, and she often used the games and stories to entertain the children with whom she played in the forests of Knightshade Manor grounds, and in Kerringer Castle on days that weather prevented egress. Having an elder sister had greatly affected her and she often talked to her sister via the dreams of the living girl.

Having died as a young schoolteacher due to an outbreak of smallpox epidemic of which eternally tied her to Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, M.D. She had spent a majority of her time with children, and still sought every opportunity to teach, and learn as this was her most familiar occupation.

As characteristic of any who transform into Banshees in their afterlife, her moods tend to switch at a moments notice, predominately she is soft-spoken and delightful, while other times she is screeching and enraged with no means of calming herself without disappearing from the area to collect her thoughts. Hence her habitation alone at the edge of the forest was a necessity that Aaron and Dena had determined when she had first arrived to the Manor.

Her Irish heritage reflected itself in her pale milky toned skin, and her flaming red hair which could be seen the most vibrant on cloudy brightly lit mornings. Her green eyes were alluring and saw through to one’s soul. Often with an expression of curiosity, or disbelief depending on who she was interacting with at the time. Her rage often showed a reddening of her cheeks and her eyes melted into a deep black color. Having lived during a time of minimal food available she had maintained a thin physique but a strength that developed from churning butter, and winnowing the fields during harvest time. She was of short height which enabled the children to be comfortable in her presence.

Her mistake in life that led to her death was the trusting of Dr, Geoffrey Shaw M.D, who had misdiagnosed a disease and sent a child to her classroom. It was in the recognizing the illness and her subsequent exposure as she carried the child back to the M.D.s office, that was the beginning of her end. Knowing that she was now going to die, she focused on caring for the sick as an impromptu nurse with minimal training from the Doctor, and memories of remedies taught to her by her holistic healing mother, who had learned from her mother.

Her interests in life, included science, biology, botany, technology, and she had tried to learn all that she could so that she was an excellent teacher. Her interests allowed her to conduct field trips and laboratory experiments in the after-life. Versed in several species of animal and plant, she had chosen to reside on the edge of the forest so she could observe and work with the animals who found themselves wandering through the coniferous forest that surrounded the Manor. The various plant species were of varieties that were not often found in the same ecosystem, but that didn’t surprise her, she knew it was part of her illusion and provided an excellent background for the animals and children to exist.

Ariel prefers to reside in Knightshade Manor Forest, she convinced the Marians to build her a cabin on the edge of the forest. Her front door leading to a path that ended at the manicured rolling fields of Knightshade Manor, Her back door led through her small plot of manicured lawn aligned with shrubs and gated area when her vegetable garden and flowers garden were lovingly cared for beyond the gates was leading to the forest were various earth paths winded through the ancient trees.

Marians she convinced them to take on the shape of Irishmen laborers so that one could feel more at home, while she told them how she wanted her house.

She rarely set foot in the Manor as her guests were often housed in tree houses and bungalows the children. While the animals roamed free through the forest, in manicured pastures or lived in barns equipped with fully-stocked climate-control stables.

Kerringer Castle is where she spent time when the weather turned foul, hours and hours of playing in the various chambers and halls of the castle, she loved to teach her words dress up by using their imaginations and seeing the paintings of the residents of the hall. She did have a home in the west tower. If she decided to stay.

Justice Hall was only visited by her when she sought a child who was incarcerated often she would breeze into the front lobby and demand the front desk to release her hold.

Howard Place As is often the case she would be enraged, so her red hair flying about her face, well her green molten eyes faded to shiny black and her pupils dilated. Her nails would grow into claws, and her feet would lift and disappear undo her green skirt, her white blouse, embroidered with red flowers.

Salisbury Town to bring her worlds to Salisbury Town was an exciting time, She loved to walk through the gallows, and teaching painting of the seaside to the children. She rarely was distraught in Salisbury Town she met many artists; authors, creative persons.

The Abbey she does not go to this institution.

Paranormal Palace is where many of her friends reside. Being half-human she can gain access that other may not. Her screeching can be heard as she competes with the were-monkeys and other such creatures. Her brother who had become a will o’ wisp would accompany her to the fens, they would take pleasure in confusing travelers late at night.

Yarborough station is not a place the she goes to, as she has no business there.

In conclusion, Ariel has no sense of time, she is very aware of the new arrivals and gets very excited to introduce new children and animals to the games. When a child was ready to move on, she also grew very excited, however she did become melancholy after they left, but never so they could see her. Dena who was aware of the effects of having a depressed banshee in the manor would send a Marion to retrieve Ariel’s brother so that he could draw her to the fens to keep her busy. Jessica was on lookout for new arrivals.