Clara & Marie

Siamese twins of Asian descent who are euphemistically joined at the hip; and are beautiful, because they have differing views they are an undeniable asset to the Manor. Their expertise lies in the interpretation of the deaths of children, their investigation includes the events leading to their deaths as well as the illusions they withhold after death. Their diagnosis is contingent on their observations as to whether the children are ready to move on, or if desired to await their killers to exact their vengeance upon them.

In fact, these Siamese twins share a section of their abdomen and a few of their internal organs, allowing them to live but unable to be separated. In life, they had lived into their twenties and had gained education and training in counseling. They are a unique team as one questions the guest, as the other observes and listens.

Clara is more assertive while Marie is more introverted. They are both beautiful with a slight variance of feature that is not immediately apparent.

Faux pas on life was the agreement to a surgery of separation; one suffered excessive abdominal hemorrhaging and died before her sister who then just waited an hour to die. This story can be found in Knightshade Manor in a discussion between Dena and Aaron.

Afterlife Institution occupation began after they arrived at Browning Memorial Hospital. After convalescing for a month’s duration, surrounded by Marions who looked like their loved ones, did Claire notice that there was something odd about the staff. Being the observant one, she decided to try to prove her theory, she had seen a reptilian tail sticking out of the white lab coat of one of the hematology technicians. That story is shared in Browning Memorial Hospital.

As for their family, in life, their father and mother were poor who celebrated their birth as a blessing in many forms, as people came to see them; they paid money to view this oddity in their village. Some visitors came from many miles to catch a glimpse of these blessed children. As the years went by, several medicine people came, who taught them the ways of psychology, medicine, and healing. The influx of elders were based on the assumption that they would not be alive for a long time.

Their interests are varied, as they have very different personalities. The one agreed upon interest is determining individuals motives and their actions as a result of those motivations. Their variable personalities often led them to arguing with one another. And not being able to get away from each other or physically hurt each other they developed an elaborate system of insults.

They appear in Knightshade Manor as needed, often when there is the arrival of many children at a time.

They work out of Kerringer Castle, where most of their wards are housed. This is where their formal office is located.

In Browning Memorial Hospital wherein a portion of their patients can be located, they work out of a shared office space, a less-formal environment than in Kerringer Castle.

Howard Place, is where they often engaged guests in the lobby to ascertain where the guests needed to be redirected and to which afterlife institution.

Paranormal Palace is where they chose to live, as the environment and guests seemed most comfortable to them .

In conclusion, their life had prepared them for their afterlife. They had no real intention of moving from their current station.