Greetings All,

The next book in the Sara Series will be soon available.  Sara travels through time to meet her great great… granduncle Tristam an English knight, who with the assistance of his fellow warriors throughout the ages explain the masculine perspective and life of a warrior and societal rank within a variety of cultures.  Shallah appears in this novel as well.  A brief introduction…

A Knightly Encounter

As they stood there and faced one another, it was as if all of the years that had passed between the life of the knight and the current life of Sara faded like the dews from a jewelweed. She shivered in the cool breeze that blew through the forest that surrounded them. She had no idea how they had gotten to where they were, nor did she want to leave. She felt drawn to him; he looked at her through clear eyes, the color indiscernible, in the gathering mist.

“Do you know why you are here?”

“No, I can’t really recall thinking of this before falling asleep.”

The young man’s face took on an expression of mild amusement. Sarah felt a little annoyed; she didn’t like being laughed at a fact that she was sure to point out.

“What is so funny?”

“You, your thoughts race, it is amazing that you are able to stand without falling from the whirlwind that dances through your thoughts, they rush out of your conscience like a herd of wild horses, forever running not bothering to stop unless absolutely necessary.”

Feeling perturbed by his mocking manners, Sarah frowned, “what was she dreaming this for anyway?”

Turning to the Shaded Knight, she spoke. “Why have you brought me here?”

“So that you may understand a part of yourself that you have denied exists.”

This was all sounding too familiar, “Did Shallah send you?”


“Shallah, you know, an aged Native American woman, who wears brightly colored shawls and speaks in Cryptic tones.” She placed her hands on her hips for emphasis.

The knight shook his head slowly, and sighed. He had been trained to tolerate and respect any woman that he interacted with, as was the code of chivalry, though he had lost his patience with several of the women that he had known, this one was going to be a challenge, this he could tell. She reminded him of a young woman that he had met in a small village called Wrentham, in the year 1542. She had the same hair color, though her eyes were dark, and she stood a few inches taller than Sarah.

He wondered what had happened to her, her name was Megan. With that thought, there was a shuffle in the brush behind him, he turned hand on his sword, half drawing the blade, and saw the face of the woman he had just envisioned.

“Greetings Tristan,” her eyes flickered with amusement. She suppressed the burst of laughter that threatened to escape. They looked at each other for a long moment, years of memories flared within each individual’s memory.

Her voice the dry caress of a dead branch against a frosted winter windowpane, “who is your little friend?”

“Her name is Sarah, and she is here to learn a few lessons about the herself. Perhaps if I have the chance I will inform you.” Aloud. In his mind, he whispered to her, “and of mankind, and perhaps to understand why Mankind has the need to fight. The parasitic nature that is mankind, forcing its dominance over all living and non-living it comes in to contact with.”

Now, you know, I don’t believe the words Man and Kind should be placed near each other let alone formed into one word.” She thought back.

Feeling a little awkward at the extended silence, Sarah cleared her throat. The two spirits turned to her as one, as if just remembering she was standing before them. Sarah blinked, the woman who stood before her, was tall and strong, she looked as if she had fought a few battles herself. Turning towards Sarah, she raised her hand in greeting.

“Hello dear, I am Megan, it looks like we were both sent here to help you understand an aspect of yourself, and an aspect of humans that for whatever reason you are ready to comprehend.” I will let Tristan explain, for he is the leader of this expedition.”

First of all, I want you to think about how you feel about aggression. How you deal with Anger, and what forces within you can maintain that energy.”