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Hello my dears,

I realize it has been some time since I have submitted the psychiatric files of the dead for your perusal. I have been traveling through the world of the living as of late. There were some files that I had encountered while researching the guests of Knightshade Manor.

Due to the amount of open case files still needing the deceased to interact with their caretaker, a new task team was assigned by the Afterlife Institutions Coalition which consists of leaders from each of the Afterlife Institutions who determine policies regarding the collection of souls and their distribution to which institution. My cousins Kevin and Louis, as well as my Uncle Octavius were assigned the roles of bounty hunters whose responsibilities were to locate the spirits of the open files I had discovered in the archives of Knightshade Manor. It is during the time that they trace the spirits that they learned as many details as possible to submit in a report to the Coalition their recommendations as to which institution the fugitives are to be assigned. Of course once they are caught. Not everyone transpires in these files. I also decided to enter the living world to assist with some of the more difficult cases. For you see, I am an omnipotent element in these cases, the others didn’t bother to review the archived files. They were going to create their reports with personal observation without any background information. Of course, I didn’t bother to inform anyone of my intentions, they failed to consult me. So, I went it alone. I have also included letters that were submitted by my cousins, that were handwritten and hard to decipher. They were submitted to the Coalition, who has determined that those files will remain open for further review.

Raven Knightshade