Dark Highways

An Afterlife Institution

The tales on this page will be excerpts and summaries of the files found within Knightshade Manor that pertain to the travels to the world of the living referred to as fieldwork by the caretakers.  Raven Knightshade, Kevin Knightshade, Louis Knightshade, Octavius Knightshade, and Simon Knightshade are all primary characters whose adventures and correspondence with the afterlife institutions where their wards will be delivered.  Many of the clients whose tales are dispersed throughout the Dark Highways Book are lost souls who have chosen to not leave the world of the living.  Thus forcing the caretakers who are assigned to track and retrieve the recently departed who attempted to avoid the afterlife institutions.

Here is a brief summary of some of the tales you will find in Dark Highways.

Route 66

Multiple States


Simon and Kevin are in the field (the world of the living) tracing Octavius through his various victims.


Hotels have a life of their own, along the route 66, due to the number of spirits that have transpired due to accidents, and have rented rooms as they traveled across the country for decades.  The hotels turn on their lights, and signs awaiting weary travelers.  Vacancy flashing in neon, along the barren strips that had closed, the drive-in diners, souvenir shops, gas stations all come to life without a single stroke of a living human hand.



Three young college students on a Spring Break road trip drove from San Diego, California through Phoenix, Arizona on their way to the Grand Canyon.  Early in their trip, alcohol was purchased, and while one drove, the other two drank in the back seat.  The couple was named James and Caitlin, and the driver was Susana.  After several hours of driving, they pulled over in Phoenix, Arizona to get a bite to eat.  Then they were a party of two, leaving James to be the lone man, of his own choosing.


San Diego

A woman finds herself stranded on the roadside in Chula Vista as her transmission died.  Within the camper shelled area of the bed, are all of her material possessions and her two cats.  She is an absolute state of panic.  After waiting several hours from daylight to deep into the night, a tow truck finally arrives… what she has to do is completely unthinkable.

New Mexico


The Fourth of July is a holiday celebrated by the American people as the Day of Independence.  A day that many citizens would gather at their family homes, have a barbeque, and an impromptu fireworks display in their yards.  This was not the case for a trio driving from Iowa towards California find themselves driving into the city of Albuquerque.  The truckstop was busy, filled with tourists, locals, truckers, and transients.  All were drawn to the stop as it was a cheap place to eat, rest, shop, and refuel.  As the sunset, the city commenced its annual fireworks display.  Flashes of beautiful intense colors exploded from five different parts of the city.  The truckstop was placed on a high vista on the outskirts of town, enabling a spectacular view.  Many of the patrons stood on the grassy embankment and commenced an informal barbeque.  During the celebration, and the smoke that formed from the volume of fireworks over the city, no one saw the spherical disc in the sky.  It was included in the flash of all else.


Two young girls on a Spring Break road trip, drove from San Diego, California to Lordsburg enroute to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Fighting fierce desert winds and limited visibility, they detoured off of the freeway into a mini-tourist trap.  A museum, a gas station, a hotel, and a diner were all that stood off of the exit.  As they were parking, a screech and several thuds were heard.  A semi-truck had crashed into a smaller car, with two young girls in it who had slammed on their breaks in reaction to large tumbleweed rolling in front of their car.  The thuds were the 16 other vehicles that collided into the fiery mess.  As the girls in the accident were the same age and driving the same model car as the girls who had parked, they had an empathetic reaction to the plight of the diners who were now mourning their loved ones. Or was it a twinge of guilt?

Santa Rosa

A truck driver picks up a stranded woman walking the edge of the I-40 at 3 a.m.  She arrives at the truck stop to await the decent morning hours to call the tow.  After dozing in the truck stop she gets a ride to the car.  She falls asleep in truck once the car is on the bed.  Tow truck driver takes her to a side road.  After attempting to rape her as she slept, she awakes and grasps a wrench, smashes his skull.  She awakes to find herself in a hotel.


A tow truck driver takes advantage of stranded motorists.  She had an alliance with the local mechanic shop who would contact her when he had sabotaged the vehicles.  The local hotel owner the Mustang Inn also housed the stranded motorists.  The first vehicle stolen was the inheritance of a woman whose mother had suffered a long and torturous death and still possessed the car.



An emo-goth family where consistently focused on being depressed.  The family didn’t really fit in with the world, die in a car crash.  Rather enjoy being at the Manor.  Being a tourist family…


Hunters find themselves camping in a lone uninhabited region of Texas.  Between the wild boars and the dead gunslingers, a restful night was not to be had by these weary travelers.

Multiple States

Raven Knightshade has left  the Manor to seek out the various souls that have somehow evaded her interpretation, it is up to Louis and Kevin to locate her before she starts killing in order to maintain accuracy in her precious archival collection of souls.


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