Ariel – Introduction 2016


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A Banshee who resides within the caretakers cabin on the edge of the forest, it enables her to keep an eye on the creatures within the forest, as well as the temporary bungalows for the arriving children.  She spends part of her time at the Manor, at Kerringer Castle, and the rest of her time guiding or losing souls through the fens of Northern Europe.

Her family had all gone on to their next lifetime, her memories of lives spent with the kindred spirits of whom she called brother were many, and she often used the games and stories to entertain the children with whom she played in the forests of Knightshade Manor grounds, and in Kerringer Castle on days that weather prevented egress. Having an elder sister had greatly affected her and she often talked to her sister via the dreams of the living girl.

Having died as a young schoolteacher due to an outbreak of smallpox epidemic of which eternally tied her to Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, M.D. She had spent a majority of her time with children, and still sought every opportunity to teach, and learn as this was her most familiar occupation.

As characteristic of any who transform into Banshees in their afterlife, her moods tend to switch at a moments notice, predominately she is soft-spoken and delightful, while other times she is screeching and enraged with no means of calming herself without disappearing from the area to collect her thoughts. Hence her habitation alone at the edge of the forest was a necessity that Aaron and Dena had determined when she had first arrived to the Manor.

Her Irish heritage reflected itself in her pale milky toned skin, and her flaming red hair which could be seen the most vibrant on cloudy brightly lit mornings. Her green eyes were alluring and saw through to one’s soul. Often with an expression of curiosity, or disbelief depending on who she was interacting with at the time. Her rage often showed a reddening of her cheeks and her eyes melted into a deep black color. Having lived during a time of minimal food available she had maintained a thin physique but a strength that developed from churning butter, and winnowing the fields during harvest time. She was of short height which enabled the children to be comfortable in her presence.

Her mistake in life that led to her death was the trusting of Dr, Geoffrey Shaw M.D, who had misdiagnosed a disease and sent a child to her classroom. It was in the recognizing the illness and her subsequent exposure as she carried the child back to the M.D.s office, that was the beginning of her end. Knowing that she was now going to die, she focused on caring for the sick as an impromptu nurse with minimal training from the Doctor, and memories of remedies taught to her by her holistic healing mother, who had learned from her mother.

Her interests in life, included science, biology, botany, technology, and she had tried to learn all that she could so that she was an excellent teacher. Her interests allowed her to conduct field trips and laboratory experiments in the after-life. Versed in several species of animal and plant, she had chosen to reside on the edge of the forest so she could observe and work with the animals who found themselves wandering through the coniferous forest that surrounded the Manor. The various plant species were of varieties that were not often found in the same ecosystem, but that didn’t surprise her, she knew it was part of her illusion and provided an excellent background for the animals and children to exist.

Ariel prefers to reside in Knightshade Manor Forest, she convinced the Marians to build her a cabin on the edge of the forest. Her front door leading to a path that ended at the manicured rolling fields of Knightshade Manor, Her back door led through her small plot of manicured lawn aligned with shrubs and gated area when her vegetable garden and flowers garden were lovingly cared for beyond the gates was leading to the forest were various earth paths winded through the ancient trees.

Marians she convinced them to take on the shape of Irishmen laborers so that one could feel more at home, while she told them how she wanted her house.

She rarely set foot in the Manor as her guests were often housed in tree houses and bungalows the children. While the animals roamed free through the forest, in manicured pastures or lived in barns equipped with fully-stocked climate-control stables.

Kerringer Castle is where she spent time when the weather turned foul, hours and hours of playing in the various chambers and halls of the castle, she loved to teach her words dress up by using their imaginations and seeing the paintings of the residents of the hall. She did have a home in the west tower. If she decided to stay.

Justice Hall was only visited by her when she sought a child who was incarcerated often she would breeze into the front lobby and demand the front desk to release her hold.

Howard Place As is often the case she would be enraged, so her red hair flying about her face, well her green molten eyes faded to shiny black and her pupils dilated. Her nails would grow into claws, and her feet would lift and disappear undo her green skirt, her white blouse, embroidered with red flowers.

Salisbury Town to bring her worlds to Salisbury Town was an exciting time, She loved to walk through the gallows, and teaching painting of the seaside to the children. She rarely was distraught in Salisbury Town she met many artists; authors, creative persons.

The Abbey she does not go to this institution.

Paranormal Palace is where many of her friends reside. Being half-human she can gain access that other may not. Her screeching can be heard as she competes with the were-monkeys and other such creatures. Her brother who had become a will o’ wisp would accompany her to the fens, they would take pleasure in confusing travelers late at night.

Yarborough station is not a place the she goes to, as she has no business there.

In conclusion, Ariel has no sense of time, she is very aware of the new arrivals and gets very excited to introduce new children and animals to the games. When a child was ready to move on, she also grew very excited, however she did become melancholy after they left, but never so they could see her. Dena who was aware of the effects of having a depressed banshee in the manor would send a Marion to retrieve Ariel’s brother so that he could draw her to the fens to keep her busy. Jessica was on lookout for new arrivals.


Alfred Knightshade – Introduction 2016


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Alfred Knightshade

Alfred is one of the elder males of the current Knightshade generation. His mother is Caroline Browning and his father is Justin Knightshade. His uncle is Simon Knightshade and his cousin is Aaron Knightshade and sister is Dena Knightshade. While his cousins are Jessica Knightshade, Raven Knightshade, Kevin Knightshade, Louis Knightshade and others who can be found at the various afterlife institutions. Few of the younger Knightshades know much about Justin as no one speaks of him. The dispute between Simon and Justin reaches far back in time to their lifetimes and no one is certain as to when that really was. It is understood that the dispute arises from several slights and a true reconciliation will never come to bear, because neither will rescind their opinion.

During his lifetime, Alfred was an accomplished renaissance man who admired and pursued the study of art, music, science, languages and medicine. Born in the second half of the 19th century in London, England he maintained the mannerisms and speech that was the mark of a member of high society during that auspicious time. His boyhood had been filled with opportunities to exercise his intellect and revel in the possibilities of invention and alternative lifestyles. At the tender age of 22, he earned his doctorate in Medical Science with a specialty in neurological science. During the course of his lifetime, he allied himself with the biological school of psychology and mentored several up and coming psychologists and became an accomplished surgeon, who participated in several breakthroughs in the fields of surgery and neurology. A patron of the arts, he preferred to visit Salisbury Town during his free time. Many of the local artists and art galleries were the beneficiaries of his expertise and generous donations.

His role as Chief of Staff of the hospital was one that he coveted and focused all of his professional expertise to form the idealistic illusion required for the patients housed in this afterlife institution.  Although, as to his ethics and methodologies he was deeply interested in working with patients, and conducting groundbreaking surgical procedures of which were too advanced when he was alive. His support staff who included his general manager Jonathan Carter were all too eager to fulfill the administrative requirements while allowing their jovial superior bring the hospital to prestige and recognition among the afterlife institutions.

Alfred as with most of the men of his family tended to be opinionated, well-educated and would often argue an issue to the point of exhaustion. Many evenings of debate and conversation were spent with a few select colleagues in his personal study on the top floor of the hospital, where his personal quarters were located. His colleagues and friends would gather in his study, the dark wooden walls lined with bookshelves holding all texts that he had collected during his lifetime. A fire often crackled in the fireplace illuminating the leather couches and tables upon which glasses partially filled with the finest whiskey and bourbon available in the afterlife.

Being a man of science and medicine, he had maintained his body in superior physical condition. Preferring to workout each morning with a 5 mile run during which he clears his mind of the ample liquor consumed the night before and assessing the upcoming days events.

His build was athletic as he pursued sports and games at every opportunity. He favored cognac and cigars intermingled with expensive cologne with a faint hint of musk. A purveyor of the fine things, his brown eyes surveying the room of which he had recently entered. His skin ruddy from his life of excess. His brown hair finely trimmed with a purposeful dishevelment.

He tends to shift his weight from foot to foot as he stood. When he was hosting an event or conducting a meeting, he gave the sense of a large beast about to pounce. His aggressive personality required that he hold everyone in suspicion until they proved otherwise. His expensive cologne was derived from oils he had discovered while on holiday in the Orient. His love of fine cigars led to an endless pursuit of experiencing all varieties from the past, present and future. He often sent liaisons to the living world to expand and maintain his collection of cigars, liquor and foods.
His deep baritone was music to one’s ears. He preferred to whisper to his family and friends. However, when excited or angry when dealing with insubordinate staff his voice could be heard throughout the corridors.
He does possess sex appeal, regardless of his larger than life height and weight. His pursuit of lovers is continuous as he finds lovers easily. Admittedly his appetites were and continued to be voracious. He rarely pursued anyone for any significant length of time, his charming guile and intellectual wit seduced many and he rarely slept alone. Bisexual, he found attraction in men and women, and extending from his first encounter in the afterlife with Raven, he desired her perpetually.. The sexual tension added to their amusement and relationship, neither were really inclined to push forth and become lovers. Their friendship went beyond lust and momentary satisfaction, their love was eternal and had no time limitation. The three Knightshades were often seen together as they attended many events together, like in the tale Aaron’s Pond.

As stated previously, Alfred had been a medical doctor in life, as well as an accomplished surgeon. However, as with everyone who resides or works within an afterlife institution, Alfred has a dark past and had committed wrongs in his life. In his case, he had several patients die or develop diseases because of negligence. Imitating a few of his colleagues and mentors, he had regrettably conducted several procedures while intoxicated. His drugs of choice were alcohol and cocaine which he believed aided in mental acuity and alertness. The inevitable joke “what happened to my watch,” joke can be traced historically to an actual mistake Alfred had made while performing a surgical procedure during his life.

His mother Caroline Browning was the heir to the hospital, she deeply trusted her son’s expertise. As with most mother’s she overlooked mistakes in the past and championed him actions in the hospital to any doubters. With the Knightshades, she was more assertive as he is the love child of Caroline and her brother-in-law, Justin; Alfred he had never been accepted by her husband Simon, hence he avoided going to Knightshade Manor as often as possible. However, his administrative duties required that he attend meetings called by the staff in which they discussed the guests that would be transferring to the Hospital. His interactions with the staff at Knightshade Manor can be read in the Saloon chapters.

Alfred adores his mother, and loves working in the environment of which he is accustomed. Often, he once again operated on those patients that he had killed while that patient came to terms with their death. He experiences no remorse as he went through the actions that led up to the deaths of his patients. Part of the reason he stills works as a surgeon. His role as manager of the hospital requires a frequent interaction with administration from the various afterlife institutions.

Within Kerringer Castle, Alfred worked with Marina Kerringer when a pediatric patient was ready for release from Browning Memorial Hospital to the afterlife playground Kerringer Castle, where all one’s childhood dreams come true. The staff from Kerringer Castle would visit the Hospital to determine whether the children were ready to leave. Ariel would take them through the forest and play games while introducing them to the other residents of Kerringer Castle. Claire and Marie would observe as their counselors to determine their transitions to another afterlife institution or return to the living. The twins would accompany the children to the castle or to the world of the living to show them where they could spend their afterlife.

As per agreement with the afterlife institution, Knightshade Manor, the caregivers, Aaron, and Dena would periodically visit the Hospital to determine whether any of the patients would be checking into the Manor after they had healed from their injuries.

The agreement with Justice Hall were that anyone whose life consisted of supporting or breaking the law of the living would eventually reside in Justice Hall. Alfred worked exclusively with Chief Justice Jarod in transporting criminals back and forth between their institutions as if a spirit imagined an injury, they would be sent to the hospital via ambulance and healed. After which, they would be returned back to the prison.

Alfred spent much of his leisure time as a supporter of the Arts, his favorite citizen was Claude.  He often purchased artwork from the local artists to display in the corridors of the hospital. As well as keeping with lifetime passion of artistic support by attending gallery openings and open air markets one of which is alluded to in the short tale Aaron’s Pond.

At the Abbey, Alfred worked with Sister Grace, although they have an agreed upon mutual hatred.  He preferred to meet with Ocean, as she was more eclectic and fitting to his tastes. He had an off and on again relationship with Ocean and her spiritual and hippy ways allowed for his infidelity and allowed for stability when he sought it.

At Paranormal Palace, his interactions with the various non-human creatures that reside happily within that domain are limited to those who have contact with his patients and employees.  He has never had need to travel to that location, as they all are welcome to enter the hospital as any sightings will be construed as a hallucination and a bad reaction to medication per the patient that mistakenly views one of the creatures traversing the halls.

At Yarborough Station, his work consists of interacting with patients and military personnel who have been injured in the act of duty. They often find themselves at Browning Memorial Hospital upon their deaths as their memories consist of their bodies being injured but not of their deaths as their deaths often happened faster than their brains were able to register the fear or pain surrounding their death. It is upon their healing process and completion of the repair of their bodies the individuals who decide to return to military duty are transferred to the Station. The commanding officers and higher-ranking personnel often appear and ride with the patient back to the compound and prepare them for reintegration into military life or in this case death.

Alfred Knightshade is one of the main characters in Browning Memorial Hospital hence his tales will be found predominately in that afterlife institution.

In conclusion, Alfred has been one of the caretakers of the disenfranchised dead for well over a century and his hospital is in the best condition it has ever been since hospitals began and the dying sought a reflection in the afterlife that eased their transition into the afterlife. The facility is of the highest standards and development of innovative procedures to parallel what is happening in the living world to maintain the illusion required to exist in the afterlife institution of Browning Memorial Hospital.


Aaron Knightshade – Introduction 2016


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Aaron Knightshade

Institutions wherein his tales may be located: The Abbey, Dark Highways, Knightshade Manor, Salisbury Town, Yarborough Station, Browning Memorial Hospital

His personality is in many ways he is like his father, intelligent, arrogant, lack of in interest in petty annoyances, flaky. Loves the limelight, high social status, passionate. Tarot Card representative Prince of Cups. Sleeps in a coffin.

His physical description: Black hair with red highlights, light brown eyes which darken with his mood, goatee, pale skin, he has a medium to strong build, stands at 6’0” and possesses a swimmer’s physique.

background: he is a vampire, one of the undead caregivers who resides in Knightshade Manor. He served in the military for several years and had fought in several battles in eastern Europe where he had lived and died. Died of several shotgun wounds, bullets i.e. lead poisoning,

Stories contained in Knightshade Manor: Aaron’s pond, Knightshade Manor, Aaron’s Quarters

Early introduction to this man was in 2005 to supplement the Volumes within which his role is dominant. Aaron is one of the sons of Simon, like father like son, he has a desire to be in the limelight,even in death. A slight problem due to the fact that his physical condition causes, daylight to not be an option, he remedies this by living the night life every night for the last three centuries that he has existed as a vampire. He is a younger version of his father, although he was more passionate and quite aware of his social status. His attraction to both sexes enables him to develop heated relationships, and the pursuit of a possible lover often entertains him.

Aaron is one of the elder male cousins of the current Knightshade generation. His mother is unknown, Caroline is his stepmother. His father is Simon. He is the second son of the founder of Knightshade Manor. His cousins are Albert, Jessica, Dena, Raven and others who can be found at the various afterlife institutions.  He is very much like his father, sharing features, personality traits and attitude towards the guests and family members. Often taking on the role of guardian of the Manor in his father’s absence, his sense of the mundane and extraordinary causes him to seek otherworldly distractions.

During his lifetime, Aaron was a soldier, and served in multiple battles connected with a long-standing war throughout Europe. He died as a result of what he refers to as lead-poisoning. Riddled with bullets, as he began to faint from the loss of blood, his dead father appeared in his visage and smiled.

Aaron then awoke in a hospital bed at Browning Memorial Hospital bed where he spent a few weeks recuperating. This particular tale can be found in Browning Memorial Hospital a future novel of the Afterlife Institution series being compiled by Raven Knightshade, and her counterparts in all of the afterlife institutions. When he decided he was tired of the nursing staff, and containment within the bed, he true to his nature, appeared at the Manor completely healed from his physical wounds, It was the spiritual and psychological wounds that kept at the Manor for multiple decades.

During his lifetime, he had never attempted to learn anything above and beyond what he needed to know to get by in life. Whenever he saw an opportunity, he chose to learn as much as he could to be viewed as an expert hence enabling him to move in specific academic circles when the need arose. As he spent time with his family and the guests at the Manor, he picked up little bits of knowledge and information about the living world and it’s developments, relying on his charm to flatter and woo individual spirits as they captured his imagination.
His role as caregiver at the Manor began once he was finished with his own healing process. He chose to take on the characteristics of a vampire, as he enjoyed the connection it made between himself and his wards. The psychic connection that all caregivers shared was easily developed by him as he was as stated previously, his father’s son. Although, he did not have concern as to how others conducted their afterlife review.

His life in the military allowed him access to certain pleasures of which he continued to covet in the afterlife.  He and his cousin Alfred would often met for a late evening drink and a smoke to discuss various subjects of interest. Grim humor and knowledge of the limits of human and spiritual endurance and enthusiasm lead to rousing discussions on the top floor of Browning Memorial Hospital.

One of his life pleasures included swimming in several rivers and lakes while not actively engaged in combat, as a result he had developed a swimmer’s build. He favored cinnamon spiced liquors and smoked infrequently
His presence is barely discernible when he chooses, often poised in a position where he can observe others, his watchful and amused expression masking a lack of tolerance of the frivolities of humankind.
His voice was low and hypnotic, and would crescendo until a loud demanding shout when his ire was stimulated.

A seduction artist in the afterlife, as he was in life. The numerous paramours he actively pursues when not busy with his caretaker duties. He finds lovers easily, though his appetites were voracious. He rarely pursued anyone for any significant length of time. He has a crush on Raven. The three of them were inseparable. They attended many events together, like in the tale Serendipity Pond in Knightshade Manor Volume I.
His father Simon had an affair with Ocean who resides in the Abbey, and Aaron was born of their union. He rarely interacts with his mother as her spiritual ideas remind him that his ways were not always the most pure in thought or action.

Although they have their differences, he loves his mother and often teases her as to her spiritual ideals and his willingness to bend every universal law for his own amusement. Aligned with his father’s goal of acquiring renegade spirits who are avoiding their arrival to the Manor, Aaron can be found by his father’s side. . He often wears leather and jeans while in the field as the spiritual bounty hunters, Simon, Aaron, and Kevin Knightshade tended to dress as seasoned bikers riding top-of-the-line motorcycles as they pursued their prey. His role as caretaker at the Manor and liaison for the afterlife institutions.

Within Kerringer Castle, Aaron would interact with the children of his clients who resided in Knightshade Manor, it enabled him to develop a comprehensive understanding of his guests who in the course of their death had lost connection with their children. The staff from Kerringer Castle would visit Knightshade Manor to gain a comprehensive understanding of the parents of the guests that played within the castle. Learning the routines and comforting ways of their parents allowed the caretakers to assume the roles of support to ease the transition from life.
As a bounty hunter, when they encountered a guest who needed hospitalization in the afterlife, he often found himself at the ER section of Browning Memorial Hospital.

If any of his guests were convicts in their life, they found themselves being transported directly to Justice Hall. For, as the agreement with Justice Hall states, anyone whose life consisted of supporting or breaking the law of the living would reside in Justice Hall. The only variant to this ruling is in the case of “physical” injury where the guest was taken to Browning Memorial Hospital first, wherein his cousin Alfred worked exclusively with Chief Justice Jarod in transporting criminals back and forth between their institutions as if a spirit imagined an injury, they would be sent to the hospital via ambulance and healed. After which, they would be returned back to the prison.
Aaron would travel to Salisbury Town often after a stint of time on the road in the living world. It helped to align his sense of beauty and calm after dealing with the most evil of spirits. Aaron would send a telepathic message to Alfred and Raven to invite them for an outdoor event or cultural fair being held within the town.

At the Abbey, Aaron would visit with Dr. Baird, to study voodooism to prepare for some of the spirits he would encounter in the field. His knowledge in the arcane was fueled by lessons and viewings of guests under trance or ecstasy while performing ritual. His mother Ocean would teach him the ways of spirituality and dancing in the light patterns of which she had developed in her lifetime. Her pale skin, and red flaming hair, indicating her otherworldly birthright. While she worked at The Abbey, she resides in Paranormal Palace.

Aaron frequents the ethereal halls of Paranormal Palace quite frequently, as he has several friends and charges that he had formed a particular attachment and interest in his 300 years of afterlife. The residents of Paranormal Palace have a difficult time maintaining solidity at times or even believe-ability, it take a very strong mind to handle the onslaught of mayhem and confusion of half-formed species and hybrid monsters who are also experiencing the shock of residing within an afterlife institution. A disconcerting element of the Palace is that the living can also appear in it’s grandiose halls. Psychics from the living world are able to walk within the grounds and halls of Paranormal Palace, concerned with this phenomena, as this gives the living a glimpse of the afterlife, however, what they see are non-human guests.  Aaron is familiar with a few of the psychics who have frequented the Palace and he often uses their resources when he is in the living world to trace renegade spirits.

As stated previously, Aaron served as a military man most of his life.  The fighting style of Eastern Europe and the  Northern Isles were his training during life.  He was adept at close hand-to-hand combat, as well as with a sword, and ax. As he had been in multiple battles, he couldn’t give a clear account of the number of kills he had acquired.

As is the case with every soul that had spent a lifetime in the services of the military, regardless of country, century, or method of death, they were welcomed to Yarborough Station. Aaron had a home located near the barracks due to his rank as an officer. As well as being skilled in manifesting what he desired, he had ensured his own house on the base. A place of refuge from the Manor and his family members, he would often reside within the familiar confines of the base offering his talents and training to the incoming troops as he saw fit. Due to respect to his ranking within the Afterlife Institutions, the other personnel adhered to his demands.

In conclusion, Aaron is the next to inherit Knightshade Manor, once Simon decides to retire and move on to his next lifetime. One to be cautious about the amount of responsibilities placed upon his shoulders, he is constantly testing his cousins and colleagues as to their abilities to assist in the upcoming years wherein he will be the overseer of all of the Institutions set forth in the original agreements developed by the founders of the afterlife institutions. Aaron is the obvious chose to run the Manor, as he is the one who genuinely cares about the patients and direction in which the institutions are headed in the centuries to come.

Browning Memorial Hospital: A medical Afterlife Institution


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This is a listing and brief description of the Staff members at the BMH.  This is the forth book in the Afterlife Institutions series.  As you have read in the previous books, the A.I.’s are all created by the collective consciousness of the spirits that reside and work there.  The arrival of the patients is in every detail replicated from the ambulance ride to the E.R. prep and Nurse’s diagnostic station to the patient’s room.  All who chose to spend their afterlife at BMH, experience life in a hospital 24 hours a day.  As the patient files will expose, many of the spirits who end up here, spent a significant time in these surroundings hence they are most comfortable here while they observe their life review and decide whether to move on to another feasible institution.

Staff of Browning Memorial Hospital

Caroline Knightshade – Mother of Aaron who has returned from a long duration of fieldwork, as she is the most human looking of all of the Knightshades, she chose to be the first point of contact for many, quite similar to the reason for using Jessica, the look of death didn’t appear as easily as it did on the others of the Knightshade family. Her blonde hair, and milky white skin, and eyes of violet, entrance all who came into contact with her.

Alfred Knightshade – He is cousin to Aaron, Jessica, Raven and the others at Knightshade Manor. His mother is Caroline. His uncle is Simon. No one is quite sure who his father is, no one speaks of him. During his lifetime, he was an accomplished renaissance man who studied art, music, science and various academic pursuits. Quite found of Salisbury Town, he can often be found within its multitude of art galleries. His role as general manager of the hospital is one that he adheres to slightly. His interests lie in other directions hence leaving Jonathan Carter more or less in charge.

Jonathan Carter – Alfred’s administrative assistant with a flair for decorating, and drama Jonathan made himself indispensible to the medical staff at Browning. His dandy manners acquired in life stayed with him after death. Often seen wearing the height of fashion, he too could be found walking through Salisbury Town admiring the artwork or socializing with the artists and authors in town.

Stephanie – Head Nurse, she spent her entire life focused on nursing. She carried this into her afterlife and as a result, she is an excellent nurse who runs a tight shift. Her hair in a tight bun, her uniform pristine, she had worked during the Pearl Harbor bombing and forced her whims on her patients and subordinate staff.

Megan – is the filekeeper for this particular afterlife institution. Her shy nature lends itself to being able to work for months alone reading and typing up the notes developed by the medical staff at Browning Memorial Hospital.

Joseph – Ambulance driver, his superstitions that failed him in life, acted as a strength in his afterlife. His temperament was mellow throughout life and continues to be so in his afterlife.

Clara & Marie – Siamese twins of Asian descent who are joined at the hip; and are beautiful, because they have differing views they are an undeniable asset to the Manor. Their expertise lies in the interpretation of the deaths of children, their investigation includes the events leading to their deaths as well as the illusions they withhold after death. Their diagnosis is contingent on their observations as to whether the children are ready to move on, or if they desire to await their killers to exact their vengeance upon them.

Sallyn – Head of housekeeping demons, she keeps her own counsel.

Slurgh – primary demon, he supervises all of the demon workers within the manor. He is an excellent resource for occurrences in the demon world as he is neutral due to an indiscretion within the demonic world and he holds multiple alliances, as true to his nature, it is all about self-preservation.

Dr. Geoffery Shaw M.D. Pediatrics – he was a doctor in a small town in Colonial America, and it was through his negligence that several of the townspeople died from smallpox. He spent the first several years here trying to repay the victims of his practice. He soon became responsible for every child, because he refused to assist in the afterlife; Simon decreed that he would have to assist with every child who arrived to the Manor.

Marion or Marian – housekeeping demons that assume the domestic duties and grounds upkeep of the Manor. They were the only type of help that would stay at the Manor. Since demons take on so many forms, and since gender was sometimes difficult they were all called Marion or Mary. It is a name that they prefer, as the demons are myriad so are the tenants that inhabit or are employed at the Manor.

The Abbey: A religious Afterlife Institution


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The Abbey is the third book in the series of Afterlife Institutions.  First is Knightshade Manor, Second is Dark Highways, Third is The Abbey, Fourth is Browning Memorial Hospital, Fifth is Howard Place and more to be announced!

The following is a letter written by Catelin.  After which is a short directory to help one travel through the Abbey and arrive at their preferred destination.  And a Staff directory.

Introductory Letter


I am Catelin, this is an introduction to one of the afterlife institutions, identified as the Abbey. As with all afterlife institutions, the living are invited to read the files and narrations of the guests and caretakers who reside within these hallowed walls. The Abbey houses those spirits who actively sought recognition and understanding of their lives after death. Each guest has a specific reason for being housed at the Abbey rather than one of the other afterlife institutions.

The staff can be very accommodating and are always available to hear your woes. All religions are represented here, for those who are too self-involved to acknowledge others. They are housed on various floors within the Abbey. Exterior is a grand cathedral, a mosque, a pyramid or whatever preferred architecture the guest can illusion.

The mission statement of the Abbey, is that each individual is allowed to live, regardless of form, design or function. It is within their rights as souls to live, (excuse the pun) or die as they please. The actions and decisions they made to achieve their current existense is reflected in their dreams, all of which can be observed by their caretakers and staff. As these guests have already been screened through Knightshade Manor and Howard Place. They are not often ready to return to the physical realm, excluding those who believe in reincarnation.

A majority of the guests at the Abbey continue on to their personal interpretation of the afterlife. It is through life reviews that they determine they have learned all that they are able to and are no longer to learn more in that form.

The Abbey staff are accustomed to long spans of time, they have all the patience in the universe. Once a spirit dies and evolves to their own afterlife they leave the Abbey and never return to the physical world or to any of the afterlife institutions.

In following with the procedures of the Afterlife Institutions; I have been assigned the task of writing a monthly compilation of tales derived from the files held within our organization. This monthly journal is intended to be read by the living. Of course, certain caretakers at the other afterlife institutions have an interest in reading and contributing articles to the journal. The journal will consist of notes compiled by the caretakers while observing and interviewing the guests. The experiences of the staff and events within the facilities will also be written within the journal.

As you read these tales, first of all be entertained. Secondly, be forewarned for within these pages you are being allowed a glimpse into the afterlife. Perhaps you can avoid some of the mistakes our residents have made and you can avoid coming to the Abbey!




Abbey’s Structure 




Meditations Center




Staff of The Abbey

Sister Grace – she is the Abbess and takes her job quite seriously.

Rebecca – she is a Catholic nun, who is middle-aged and quite content with the path God has chosen for her.

Maria – is a devout Catholic woman, who spent her life memorizing the Saints and their virtues, while preparing for all the vices that man can offer.

Marcus – is a shaman of the Amazonian rain forest and is affluent in the ways of man and his connectedness to his environment.

Siva – is a Hindu man, who’s life path required that he take the path of least resistance which led to his demise, an affect of which he is more assertive and blends the lines between caste rankings as he sees the situation calls for.

Deb – a witch in the sense of the old wise one, she is versatile in all the gifts bestowed upon her by Aradia as well as the skills she has developed on her own,

Catelin – keeper of the files, and administrative support how corresponds with members from all the afterlife institutions to direct the flow of guests interchanges among the institutions.

Edward Moore – Baptist Minister, who still devoutly believes in the need to cleanse ones souls to prevent their descent into hell.

Ocean – is a new age practioner skilled in all that the new age movement has brought forth, she is often a liasion between the various other staff at the Abbey.

Dr. Baird – Voodoo doctor, who specializes in life review and cleansing of one’s souls before the transgression or transformation of the spirits affected by Voodoo during their lifetime.

Remi – is a Buddhist monk who spent so much time focused on the four tragedies of life that he wasn’t prepared for the afterlife, as a result, he often gets to interact with guests who are often questioning the validity of life or an afterlife.

Sallyn – Head of housekeeping demons, she keeps her own counsel.

Slurgh – primary demon, he supervises all of the demon workers within the manor. He is an excellent resource for occurrences in the demon world as he is neutral due to an indiscretion within the demonic world and he holds multiple alliances, as true to his nature, it is all about self-preservation.

Dr. Geoffery Shaw M.D. Pediatrics – he was a doctor in a small town in Colonial America, and it was through his negligence that several of the townspeople died from smallpox. He spent the first several years here trying to repay the victims of his practice. He soon became responsible for every child, because he refused to assist in the afterlife; Simon decreed that he would have to assist with every child who arrived to the Manor.

Marion or Marian – housekeeping demons that assume the domestic duties and grounds upkeep of the Manor. They were the only type of help that would stay at the Manor. Since demons take on so many forms, and since gender was sometimes difficult they were all called Marion or Mary. It is a name that they prefer, as the demons are myriad so are the tenants that inhabit or are employed at the Manor.

Cases within the Abbey

Dr. Baird – Voodoo practitioner in life, and a breaker of curses in the afterlife. The Shark Kingdom, wherein Dr. Baird has a discussion and life review with a surfer whose demise is triggered by an encounter with a Voodoo priestess who he insults while browsing through her store. 

Charles – An English boy who grew up in India during its early occupation, and learns the magic that cannot be suppressed by an invading country. 

Dark Highways: Tales from the Road.


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The bounty hunter Kevin Knightshade accompanied by his brother the afterlife counselor, Louis Knightshade commence this Book by seeking Simon Knightshade’s father Octavius who after centuries of exposure to the insane guests at Knightshade Manor has gone renegade into the world of the living to settle some old scores with the descendants of the people who murdered him and his family.  As well as pick up a few lost souls who are long overdue at the Manor.   While they are seeking Octavius, Simon appears on his motorcycle to lend a hand in the search with disturbing news, his lover and long-time companion Raven has left the Manor with a motive of her own, it seems she has learned of the descendants of her murderers and wishes to bring them to the afterlife institutions with or without their demise.

Here is a brief summary of some of the tales you will find in Dark Highways.

Route 66

Multiple States


Simon and Kevin are in the field (the world of the living) tracing Octavius through his various victims.


Hotels have a life of their own, along the route 66, due to the number of spirits that have transpired due to accidents, and have rented rooms as they traveled across the country for decades.  The hotels turn on their lights, and signs awaiting weary travelers.  Vacancy flashing in neon, along the barren strips that had closed, the drive-in diners, souvenir shops, gas stations all come to life without a single stroke of a living human hand.



Three young college students on a Spring Break road trip drove from San Diego, California through Phoenix, Arizona on their way to the Grand Canyon.  Early in their trip, alcohol was purchased, and while one drove, the other two drank in the back seat.  The couple was named James and Caitlin, and the driver was Susana.  After several hours of driving, they pulled over in Phoenix, Arizona to get a bite to eat.  Then they were a party of two, leaving James to be the lone man, of his own choosing.


San Diego

A woman finds herself stranded on the roadside in Chula Vista as her transmission died.  Within the camper shelled area of the bed, are all of her material possessions and her two cats.  She is an absolute state of panic.  After waiting several hours from daylight to deep into the night, a tow truck finally arrives… what she has to do is completely unthinkable.

New Mexico


The Fourth of July is a holiday celebrated by the American people as the Day of Independence.  A day that many citizens would gather at their family homes, have a barbeque, and an impromptu fireworks display in their yards.  This was not the case for a trio driving from Iowa towards California find themselves driving into the city of Albuquerque.  The truckstop was busy, filled with tourists, locals, truckers, and transients.  All were drawn to the stop as it was a cheap place to eat, rest, shop, and refuel.  As the sunset, the city commenced its annual fireworks display.  Flashes of beautiful intense colors exploded from five different parts of the city.  The truckstop was placed on a high vista on the outskirts of town, enabling a spectacular view.  Many of the patrons stood on the grassy embankment and commenced an informal barbeque.  During the celebration, and the smoke that formed from the volume of fireworks over the city, no one saw the spherical disc in the sky.  It was included in the flash of all else.


Two young girls on a Spring Break road trip, drove from San Diego, California to Lordsburg enroute to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Fighting fierce desert winds and limited visibility, they detoured off of the freeway into a mini-tourist trap.  A museum, a gas station, a hotel, and a diner were all that stood off of the exit.  As they were parking, a screech and several thuds were heard.  A semi-truck had crashed into a smaller car, with two young girls in it who had slammed on their breaks in reaction to large tumbleweed rolling in front of their car.  The thuds were the 16 other vehicles that collided into the fiery mess.  As the girls in the accident were the same age and driving the same model car as the girls who had parked, they had an empathetic reaction to the plight of the diners who were now mourning their loved ones. Or was it a twinge of guilt?

Santa Rosa

A truck driver picks up a stranded woman walking the edge of the I-40 at 3 a.m.  She arrives at the truck stop to await the decent morning hours to call the tow.  After dozing in the truck stop she gets a ride to the car.  She falls asleep in truck once the car is on the bed.  Tow truck driver takes her to a side road.  After attempting to rape her as she slept, she awakes and grasps a wrench, smashes his skull.  She awakes to find herself in a hotel.


A tow truck driver takes advantage of stranded motorists.  She had an alliance with the local mechanic shop who would contact her when he had sabotaged the vehicles.  The local hotel owner the Mustang Inn also housed the stranded motorists.  The first vehicle stolen was the inheritance of a woman whose mother had suffered a long and torturous death and still possessed the car.



An emo-goth family where consistently focused on being depressed.  The family didn’t really fit in with the world, die in a car crash.  Rather enjoy being at the Manor.  Being a tourist family…


Hunters find themselves camping in a lone uninhabited region of Texas.  Between the wild boars and the dead gunslingers, a restful night was not to be had by these weary travelers.

Multiple States

Raven Knightshade has left  the Manor to seek out the various souls that have somehow evaded her interpretation, it is up to Louis and Kevin to locate her before she starts killing in order to maintain accuracy in her precious archival collection of souls.

Knightshade Manor The Fifth Floor Chaos Reigns Supreme


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Fifth Floor – Chaos reigns supreme

This Floor is dedicated to the individuals who committed crimes and atrocities against others, and it is in these corridors and meeting halls where the caregivers interact with the sociopaths who are forbidden access to their victims as they are still working through the illusions they held onto after death, and the illusions brought forth by their caregivers to inspire them to move onto the next destination beyond the afterlife institutions. There are more rooms on this floor, that are being held for special guests, one’s who have left such a wide swath of victims in their wake that these residences tend to be filled for extended lengths of time beyond that of the usual guest.

Room 501

Arnold, a serial killer who preyed on young boys and is a favorite of Kevin to interrogate, Louis of course loves to assist. His victims are all housed in Room 301a – af.

Room 509

Eric, a troubled young man who began a short lived career in murder, killing six young college girls, he wasn’t contracted or encouraged to take up this profession, he did it out of morbid curiosity.  It was the only way that he could satisfy his inner desires for the women of whom he made daily contact.  Before the mortal authorities were able to put an end to his exploits; it was the first night that he was incarcerated that the desires within developed their own voice and forced him to kill one more time.  The guard heard him arguing aloud with his mental tormentor and when the young man tied a rope from the cell ceiling, a rope with which to silence the voices within his head, the guard failed to stop him.  As a result of his deeds and premature death, he found himself residing on the fifth floor of Knightshade Manor.

Knightshade Manor The Fourth Floor:


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Fourth Floor – Illusions Dance
This floor is dedicated to the delusional, confused, frustrated, and euphoric guests who maintain the illusion of their lives to such an extreme that other spirits are not able to function within their domain.  The except of course, are the caregivers who can dwell within any aspect of the afterlife institutions.

Fourth floor Atrium West

An early American town inhabited by guests that lived in the same town, and due to their illusions, have envisioned their afterlife to be in the same town.  They kept a secret.

Fourth floor Atrium East

A medieval town within the valley of the Carpathian Mountains, highly suspicious and superstitious, their afterlife consisted of battling these fears.  Vampires, werewolves, mischievous imps, and variant forms of malevolent beings coexisted within the village.
Room 401

A bored working class woman, unhappily married, mother of two sons, frustration at not getting what she wanted to out of life, she creates a new life for herself within the Manor after dying in the plane crash.  It is up to her caregiver to remind her that she lived the life she truly did.  She is the first guest to be placed on the newly built fourth floor of the Manor.  Debbie desires a new life, and through death, gets it.

Room 402

An author from the past who finds herself in the future via a time machine, leaving her life to find herself in the future.  Her Victorian background and attire is confused by the museum patrons wherein she steps out of the time machine newly brought forth in a transportation exhibit.

Room 403

Martin transgender male who dressed up as a female and worked for tricks at night.  While convincing his family and friends that he was working as a security guard at multiple sites, so that he could never tell them where he might be during the night.

Room 404

Cody is a young man who is obsessed with sex and the opposing gender.  He had several woman on the line, or so he thought.  He was delusional as to his own abilities to attract females.  It was this illusion that brought him to the fourth floor, as none of his females had died nor had he as a result of heartbreak.  He had found himself caught up in the pimp lifestyle, which led to his death.
Room 405

Omar is a Hispanic man who lived in a world of illusions.  His delusions included his attractiveness to the opposite sex, his machismo attitude towards all females, and his value within his social community.  His misplacement on the values in life, led him down a dark path.
Room 406

Celia is a Hispanic woman who also lived in a world of illusions, she was one of the females that had interacted with Omar in the chamber next door.  Her manipulative ways led her to conceive a child with him.  Her ability to turn a blind eye on the faults of Omar, as well as the faults of her other children, who were prostituting, drug dealing, killing, stealing cars and stealing other’s personal possessions.  As for her purpose of residing on the fourth floor.; she needed afterlife lessons for her as well as the man that she refused to lose even after death.  Her suicide should have brought her to the Bus Stop 5 where she would ride for an eternity.  However she had somehow exited the bus and acquired the room exactly across from her man, to his disappointment.

Room 407

Veronica was an anxiety psychological patient who missed out on life.  Her obsession with herself closed her off from multiple opportunities and relationships.

Room 408

Aaron a young man in his twenties had spent most of his adult life learning how to meditate, working towards an acupuncturist doctorate.  He worked for several charitable organizations.  He had an illusion of reaching enlightenment.  However, he didn’t realize that enlightenment was quite further away than he expected.  His personal attachment to material possessions and pleasures of the flesh were continuous challenges.  He arrived at the Manor after a long bout with AIDS acquired during one of his sessions of acupuncture.  The man in response to bronchial pain had coughed into Aaron’s face and eyes.  It is in Caroline’s hope that he is able to recover and apply at Browning Memorial Hospital, as he was a proficient acupuncturist.

Room 433

Two elderly people – lives (experience of old age and death) and not ready to leave their perfect contentment of their previous life.

Knightshade Manor The Third Floor Innocence Lost


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Third Floor – Innocence Lost

The guests who reside on this floor, have been eternally changed, for better of worse, they have grown.

Room 301 Meeting Hall

The 31 victims of JWG were all young boys who were lured into working for JWG.  He would murder them, one by one, and leave the bodies around the house as a waxworks display.  He was a socialite still even in the afterlife.  This file is covered in Room 509 and Room 301a-ag.

Room 301a: Alex

Room 301b: Allen

Room 301c: Brian

Room 301d: Bobby

Room 301e: Justin

Room 301f: Jason

Room 301g: George

Room 301h: Jefferey

Room 301i: Dustin

Room 301j: Adam

Room 301k: Nick

Room 301l: James

Room 301m: David

Room 301n: Lance

Room 301o: Kevin

Room 301p: Calvin

Room 301q: John

Room 301r: Mick

Room 301s: Ryan

Room 301t: Stephen

Room 301u: Kelvin

Room 301v: Peter

Room 301w: Willy

Room 301x: Raymond

Room 301y: Lonny

Room 301z: Brent

Room 301aa: Charlie

Room 301ab: Tyler

Room 301ac: Chris

Room 301ad: Eddie

Room 301ae: Isaac

Room 301af: Terry

Room 301 ag: Jose

Room 302 Meeting Hall

The seven victims of Eric are encountered by Louis, who travels to each of their chambers to meet each of them.  Dena suggests a group therapy session but Louis preferred to work with each individual on a one-to-one basis.  They all gather and find that they have more in common than just being murdered by the same killer.  Due to the volume of victims that serial killers often incur, the meeting hall is segmented into on main foyer and meeting room with doors labeled by letters to partition of to the guests in this case, the victims occupied rooms 302A-302G.


Room 302A: Claire, Eric’s first victim

Room 302B: Lisa, Eric’s second victim

Room 302C: Nina, Eric’s third victim

Room 302D: Megan, Eric’s fourth victim

Room 302E: Shannon, Eric’s fifth victim

Room 302F: Karen, Eric’s sixth victim

Room 302G: Jen, Eric’s final and only surviving victim

Room 308

A man who after losing all that he has finds meaning.  Aaron was the caretaker on this particular case; he was laying on the chaise lounge in his room.  His was set up as a gentleman’s lounge.  Aaron likes to visit with this guest as he could smoke the finest cigars, and admire the various artwork surrounded by fine oak paneling.  It reminded him of the olden libraries where gentlemen of old would gather and have a brandy discussing worldly matters.  All of the comments and notations made by Aaron are italicized so that he can keep track of the interactions with this long-winded guest.

Room 315

A southern boy gets himself into a bit of trouble, as she slides into his car, to take him to the edge, his choices are what may bring him back.  According to the narration of this particular guest, I choose to write it in the format that he presented his tale.  Ms. Trouble had typed in this introduction using text messaging as she straightened her red leather miniskirt, and turned her hip out to revealing light white thigh, virgin flesh.  She finished the text message just in time to wave down yet another unsuspecting lonely young man.  She and her kin had brought us many guests over the centuries, they had started out dressed as young noblewomen or men, waving down horse riders or stagecoaches, and as each generation had changed their style so had these demons, which for lack of a better name were surnamed Trouble.

Room 317

Jean – a guest who during her life was a sadistic woman who worked as a park ranger, who is abandoned by her crew and left to wander the forest.

Room 318 part I

A young male college student whose life was quite uneventful until he entered college, he never got the chance to graduate due to his mistaken eavesdropping on some shady administrators within the university.  He was murdered, for information that he knew regarding scientific testing within the Psychology department, in accordance with the zoology department.

Room 318 part II

Laurie – with her live-in (dead-in) spirit Stephen who was an excellent photographer, This one is for all of those ghost hunters who photograph orbs… perhaps they are taking pictures of you and what the result is a flash from their camera, and not dust particles.

Room 325

Little Girl Lost.  Becca had always been a quiet little girl, but it didn’t matter to her alcoholic father who was convinced she was the product of her mother’s adulterous nature.  He went on a drinking binge one night, and killed them both.  A story of a little girl, whose experience is immortalized in the lyrics of Pandora’s Baux’s Little Girl Lost.

Room 331

A story of two children; falling down the stairs of their family home.  The brother and sister were quite close, and it was one day they were walking to the downstairs.  The boy slipped and fell his sister watched him fall and as he died, she held his hand.

Room 337

The Moche were a prehistoric culture.  Their choice of worship led a few of the sacrificed to the Manor.  One of the priests, finds himself linked to his victims, and is brought to the brink of madness repeatedly.

Knightshade Manor The First Floor


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This dear readers, is a glimpse of the first floor of the Manor, these short paragraphs outline the hospital often referred to as a hotel for the benefit of maintaining the illusion of our guests. Please read my introductory letters for each volume for further information.  Which leads me to the next concern, some of these tales are dispersed in various volumes that were released periodically in 2005.  As a result, I have kept the references to which volumes they can be found, as many of you may already possess copies of the fanzine and not to disappoint, but the tales in the book are richer in detail and more graphic in their portrayals of what transpired within each room.

First Floor

An introduction to the hotel, its staff and tenants; the hotel is quartered into sections and each floor consists of four sections that are portioned off from one another, according to the disorders of the guests.  The only exception to this rule is the first floor where the caretakers and housekeeping staff reside.  There is the entry hall where the reservations desk is located; this is the only portion of the floor that is open to the guests.  Most of the interview sessions that occur between guest and caretaker occur in their room.

Within each of the staff member’s quarters are a sleeping chamber, a private bath, a sitting room, an office and whatever else they may desire.  As each staff member is eclectic in his or her own way, each quarter is completely unique, including the structure and furnishings.  Each chapter that contains a scenario where you the reader are invited to listen in on a conversation deemed appropriate for the public, take notes for you may need to know this staff on a more intimate basis at a future date.

As it is a rare occurrence any of the outbreaks amongst the Staff and the Marians that file is primarily included in the first floor documentation.  However the most recent strike involved releasing the residents of the fifth floor into the rest of the Manor.

Aaron’s quarters

Aaron takes a stroll through the unused corridors of the fourth floor, where he encounters a homeless alcoholic, four made men watching their bank robbery, and takes a stroll into Atrium West to commence interaction with the inhabitants whose tale is continued in the file Fourth Floor Atrium West.

Ariel’s quarters

A Banshee born of the Irish countryside in a time where fairies were alive and active amongst the human residents. Where the residents heeded wee folkes and the voice of the wind that often warned of danger.  Her inability to bear children in life, led her to being a caretaker of animals wild and domestic species and was trained as a schoolteacher.  In her afterlife, she tends to these same beasts or their kin as well as watching the children who may wander into her forest.

Caroline’s quarters

An introduction to the current wife of Simon Knightshade.  She is no longer in love with Simon but as they are bound to one another for spiritual reasons, she still resides within that Manor, for she is the mind and creative force that binds the staff and guests to the Manor.

Clara & Marie  Office Space

The Siamese Twins psychologists have an office within the Manor of which they utilize when children arrive to the Manor to ascertain whether they are to return to life, or continue onto Kerringer Castle. A brief introduction to these amazingly patient staff members.

Dena’s quarters

A brief introduction to the eldest of the current generation of Knightshades.  She is the wisest thus the least tolerant of the indiscretions of her family members nor the guests.  A private person, she often finds that she inadvertently discovers all of the secrets held within the Manor.  Her stoic mannerisms are the only means she can maintain to avoid being assigned family drama which is above and beyond what she desires.  She deals with Marion’s cleaning around the living, and another dissention amongst the demonic staff, as the amount of guests have increased, and they desire to import more cousins, hiring of the damned.

Dr. Geoffrey Shaw M.D. Pediatrics’ Office

As with the other Staff Members who work at the Manor and reside elsewhere, he has an office set up with the variant tools, supplies and machines that span the centuries and adapt to the needs and illusions of the current guest.

Jessica’s quarters

A brief introduction to Jessica, a new arrival to the Manor.  Her recent death allows for her to still look like one of the living and as a result she is one of the first staff members most guests interact with upon reaching the Manor. A meeting with her cousins, and her first impressions of the Manor are shared in this short description.
Jessica’s Chamber and Lobby

As the sun set Jessica is summoned to assist with the guests that just crashed into the afterlife and realm of Knightshade Manor.  After receiving orders from Dena, and is informed that she is to welcome new staff as well as several new cases; she is properly introduced, as she invites in new staff members, to assist with the temporary overload of cases, along with her Siamese twin.  Two other male Knightshades also arrive, with the intention of a temporary visit, of course it develops into an extended stay for all concerned.

Kevin’s quarters

A brief introduction into the chambers of preferences of Kevin Knightshade a cousin of the siblings that reside within the Manor. His afterlife is spent mostly on the roads seeking renegade spirits who are avoiding their final destination.  Many of his tales can be found in the upcoming book Dark Highways.

Louis’ quarters

A brief introduction into the life and chambers of newly arrived Louis, whose focus is working with guests who were the victims of the renegade spirits who afterlife cause further destruction once they are no longer trapped in a physical body.  However, they reek havoc on the lives of those who they harmed in life, until they are caught by the trio of Bounty Hunters.  Like his brother, Kevin, many of his tales also can be found in the upcoming book Dark Highways.

Marion or Mary quarters

This is an area in the Manor that houses the housekeeping demons and porters found throughout the afterlife institutions. A short story concerning the daily lives of a few members of this elite housekeeping service.

Raven’s Quarters

Having recently returned to the Manor after several months in the field; she has interacted with several patrons and donors of the Manor.  Her primary goal was to steer the living away from the Manor, and even visited other sites that would provide better accommodations for some of the living who have chosen to leave their lives at an inopportune time.  She has returned to the files, and as before, is clearing out the patients and their misfortunes as quickly as possible, for more guests are arriving each night.  My primary goal was to interact and interview potential guests as a means of convincing our patrons that the Manor provided specific services and that their financial contributions were indeed utilized to their fullest potential.  My personal primary goal was to seek out the competition and determine if perhaps our guests would be provided better accommodations for some of the living who might be erroneously placed in our care.

Simon’s Quarters Volume 1

This is an introduction to Simon, the current owner of the Manor and his son Aaron, a typical evening for the undead caregivers housed within a psychiatric hospital.

Simon’s Quarters Volume 3

This is the beginning of a tale of a meeting between Simon and Dena, and the delegation of responsibilities.  The main characters are Dena and Simon.  She has asked him to check in on one of their oldest inhabitants, someone he is familiar with due to his personal experience with the Moche.  Their choice of worship led a few of the sacrificed to the Manor.  One of the priests, finds himself linked to his victims, and is brought to the brink of madness each night.  This tale is continued as Room 337.

Simon’s Chambers Volume 6

This is an introduction to Kevin Knightshade who meets with Simon; Simon has a vision, with the following symbols.  Castle, guard forced to watch a young Simon, high-pitched tones a staircase, rusted chains, torture chamber
Slurgh’s domain

The Head Demon who oversees all of the Marions and Marians that work within all of the afterlife institutions. He acts as a liasion between the staff and the demons.

Banquet room

Dena meets with Louis, discusses his responsibilities.

Kitchen/Dining Hall

The demons revolt, causing the usual uproar.  This sets the staff on edge, Dena handles and after awhile, so does Simon.

Dining Hall

Slurgh offers new twist about the demonic investigation on meat market.

Lobby, First Floor Halls, Gardens

A plane crashes, bringing several guests to the manor. Volume 3 is where a majority of these tales can be found.